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By becoming an IntactEarnings affiliate you can make your website earn revenue while offering your visitors additional and complimentary services. It's FREE and it's as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Sign up with IntactEarnings, browse through our available Merchant programs, and select the ones that are best suited to your content. Choose the most appropriate banners and/or links, and copy and paste the HTML code to your site. Please remember that the best results are achieved when your already captive audience is directed to similar or complimentary merchants and products. Interested consumers are more likely to purchase, and thus create a commission for you!

2. Whenever someone visits your site, clicks through a banner, or link that you selected from IntactEarnings and makes a purchase, you earn money or commission on that sale, or a fixed amount for a lead. Commission cheques are issued by IntactEarnings every month in one consolidated payment, providing your commission is greater than $30 Cdn. otherwise commissions are carried forward to the next month and accumulated until the commission is greater than the minimum payout amount of $30.

3. IntactEarnings tracks, reports and measures all of the traffic and transactions that your site generates, and pays you the commission earned on all of the programs you select in one consolidated payment. Using our Report Wizard, you can track your site's performance and the performance of the merchant programs you select through a web-based application in real time and generate printable reports, 24/7. With one username and password, IntactEarnings' affiliates can log in and learn about their performance with individual merchants from any Internet ready system. Reports let affiliates see which merchants are the getting the most impressions and click-throughs, what kinds of links are most effective, and even what day of the week is most popular among the people who buy from their merchants. IntactEarnings' reports can be sorted from one specified date to another. Centralized reporting means that you can evaluate the success of all your programs, and compare them using many variables. With the click of a button you can rank your programs by click-throughs, page impressions, number of transactions, gross sales, commission earned, CTR (Click Through Ratio or the percentage of impressions that result in a click-through), EPC (the average Earnings Per One Hundred Clicks), and CR (Conversion Ratio or the percentage of click-throughs that result in a sale or a lead). IntactEarnings' reports are truly the tool that helps you optimize your success.

Sign up today, it's FREE! and you can start earning cash from your website today!

Still have questions? Check out the Affiliate FAQs.

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