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IntactEarnings gives e-businesses the opportunity to increase their traffic and ultimately their online sales. We also offer programs for online businesses interested in generating new leads. The best part is that it is inexpensive, completely based on performance, and we manage the whole program for you. The process is called Affiliate Marketing. It's as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Sign up with IntactEarnings, pay a $500 Canadian set up fee, and deposit $500 into an escrow account which will be used to pay out commissions to your partner or affiliate web sites. Then use our simple tools to create a custom Affiliate Sign Up web page to link to from your existing web site. Copy and paste unique and invisible HTML code onto your home web page, and any other pages you may want to provide links to and onto your order confirmation or "thank you" web page. Then using our Banner Wizard, upload your creative in the form of banners, buttons, text, product and content links onto the IntactEarnings Web site. If you do not have creative, for an additional fee we can design and build professional and hard-hitting links for you. All of our forms are web based and extremely user friendly; just follow the step-by-step instructions.

2. Once your affiliate program is set up and tested by IntactEarnings, affiliate web sites are ready to apply to your program. When affiliates apply to your program either directly from your site or through the IntactEarnings network, we will prescreen them for you. Based on the information you have given in your application, you will then either further evaluate the affiliates, or approve them automatically based on our stringent prescreening. Once approved, affiliate partners will strategically place on their web site your banners, buttons and links that they have copied from the IntactEarnings web site. We do all of the ad serving on your behalf. Whenever someone visits the affiliates' sites, clicks through a banner, or link and makes a purchase or becomes a lead on your site, IntactEarnings, will pay out a commission to the affiliates on your behalf using the funds from your escrow account. Commissions are set by you, the merchant, at the time of sign up and can be a percentage of sale, flat fee per sale, or flat fee per lead generated. You can also change the payout structure online at any time within your Account Manager profile. Commission cheques are issued by IntactEarnings every month in one consolidated payment, providing the affiliates' commission is greater than $30 Cdn. otherwise commissions are carried forward to the next month and accumulated until the commission is greater than the minimum payout amount of $30. Merchants pay IntactEarnings a transaction fee based on the commissions paid out to their affiliates. For all transactions whether flat rate or percentage of sales, the merchant pays IntactEarnings 30% of the payout. Therefore for every $1 in commission paid by the merchant to their affiliates, the merchant pays an additional $0.30 to IntactEarnings. You are required to maintain an initial balance of $500 Cdn. in your IntactEarnings escrow account that is used to payout commissions to your affiliates and IntactEarnings. Once the program is in place, IntactEarnings will reevaluate the optimum minimum monthly balance depending on the average monthly commission you are paying out. You will be alerted via email when the account reaches a certain minimum and for every sale thereafter until you deposit additional funds to cover future commission payouts. Deposits can be made by following the link in the alert email, via secure online credit card transaction, by traditional bank deposit, or by mailing a cheque. Please note that deposits made online will ensure that your affiliate program is not interrupted due to a lack of funds. In the event that payment is not received before the account reaches a zero balance, your program will be temporarily suspended, and affiliates will be notified of the suspension.

3. IntactEarnings tracks, reports and measures all of the traffic and transactions that are generated by your affiliate partners and pays them the commission earned on all of their programs in one consolidated payment. Using our Report Wizard, you can track your program's performance and the performance of your affiliate sites through a web-based application in real time and generate printable reports, 24/7. With one username and password, IntactEarnings' merchants can log in and learn about their performance with individual affiliates from any Internet ready system. Reports let merchants see which affiliates are the getting the most impressions and click-throughs, what kinds of links are most effective, and even what day of the week is most popular among the people who buy through their affiliates. IntactEarnings' reports can be sorted from one specified date to another. Centralized reporting means that you can evaluate the success of all your programs, and compare them using many variables. With the click of a button you can rank your programs and affiliates by click-throughs, page impressions, number of transactions, gross sales, commission earned, CTR (Click Through Ratio or the percentage of impressions that result in a click-through), EPC (the average Earnings Per One Hundred Clicks), and CR (Conversion Ratio or the percentage of click-throughs that result in a sale or lead). IntactEarnings' reports are truly the tool that helps you optimize your success.

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