10 advantages of video projectors for schools classroom

Video projectors have now become affordable devices, used more and more often in many fields, especially in schools. Here are the main advantages of using the projection equipment for a successful lesson and for more than positive feedback from the class.

Today's children are much more connected to the progress of technology, they are much faster in reactions and, if we do not recognize, more difficult to please and attract. Not many things can be more frustrating for a teacher than to feel the boredom of students, who often do not even try to disguise it. Used more and more in classrooms, the video projector has several advantages:

Image size

With the help of a video projector, the image size during presentations is larger, but especially can be adapted depending on the location of the video projector. Therefore, the image size can be adjusted according to each camera type. The video projector allows the presentation of a large audience. Due to the large display and image quality, it captures the attention of the class.


Some of the video projectors are mobile. If they are not fixed to the ceiling tiles and their weight is not excessive, they can be easily transported during presentations. These video projectors are therefore very useful when you are on the go.

10 advantages of video projectors for schools classroom

User friendly

Appreciated for its ease of use, it is enough to connect the device where the documents to be designed are presented. It is nothing more than a device that allows the projection of the computer screen in large sizes. Therefore, we can see everything on the computer screen: manipulating the icons, menus, using all the software on the computer. To display neat presentations, use the PreAO1 (Computer Aided Presentation) software, the successor to the slide projector.

A new way of teaching

This device radically changes the way we learn. Indeed, tin (or traditional, or white) can quickly become useless. If it is still useful for certain courses, it will quickly lose interest in the viewer.

The video projector makes it possible to present a document to the whole class: photography, scientific documentation, text, instructions for an exercise, a worksheet, etc. The video projector can be paired with a small camera (webcam, camcorder or special camera on flexible media) to facilitate the presentation of flat or volume documents.

With the video projector, you can also present a sequence of slides or an interactive program. Associated with an interactive whiteboard, this use gains even more interest.

You can also show a live experiment, either to make a model of it, or to analyze it (science, computer science, etc.).

Streamlines teaching

There are many ways in which teachers can organize their course. In terms of learning, he can design the pages of a textbook and not write the lesson on the board. It can thus enlarge the text or an image, circle or annotate sentences or photos. It can use a remote control to avoid any static position.

The screen can also be used to design a calculation, spelling or conjugation exercise. The teacher can then ask the student to go to the blackboard to do a math operation or to combine a text.

For history or geography lessons, the teacher can use the video projector to create multiple slides, which he then notes by writing directly on an interactive digital tablet.

10 advantages of video projectors for schools classroom

Makes the viewing time as long as possible (compared to the time required to "read" a page of a work of which there is only one copy available and which must be transmitted in a few short moments from hand to hand, in silence, "from face to face back").

Absent students can easily recover lost lessons

In secondary education, a biology or chemistry teacher can perform an experiment and film it in real time. Therefore, this will be visible to all students. It will even be possible to record through the camera and be watched again and again. It must be said that high-performance optical and digital zooms guarantee excellent image fluidity. This solution is also very interesting for absent students. They will be able to make recoveries easier with such courses.

You can carry out activities with people with disabilities

The video projector allows you to project the enlarged representation of an image or document on the board, which can be very practical for visually impaired students.

Paired with an interactive tablet, it offers a large surface that allows people with physical disabilities to draw.

Associated with an interactive whiteboard, it expands the field of educational resources, allowing group interactivity

The possibilities are very important. The interactivity between the teacher and his students is almost endless. As a teacher, in pre-university or college education, you will be able to invent new ways of learning, while improving student participation.

Facilitates a fundamental skill in kindergarten and later in primary school: speaking in large groups, exchanges between child and adult or between students: their attention is kept much more awake, the use of video projector allows longer and denser language construction sessions: the teacher, freed from the management of material constraints, can better focus on the objectives of his subject (various language activities, verbalization of all students).

10 advantages of video projectors for schools classroom

This makes it possible to reunite the whole class, to capture their attention on a large, clean and colorful document: it is very important in kindergarten to display the document in color; black and white viewing, black and white photocopying eliminates much of the visual interest of a book, of an illustration, but also very often masks the reading of information (in addition, color intensification or color printing in several copies is extremely expensive).

An attractive price / presentation ratio

For a presentation on an interactive screen (or monitor) of equivalent size, the cost is quickly prohibitive, therefore, we can consider that the video projector is the most economical solution.

Regarding the price, you will count between 2000 and 25000 lei, depending on the type of device, the best screen for the projector and the brightness.

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