10 evidences about phone addiction

10 evidences about phone addiction

In 2008 a new term appears, invented by a British man, nomophobia, which refers to cell phone addiction, a problem that has been of interest ever since. In this article I present you some ideas on how you can get rid of this phobia, which is becoming more and more prevalent.

Affecting mainly young people, but also adults, smartphone addiction is beginning to become a problem of general interest, which affects health, social relationships, leading to negligence during work or family life. More and more often you meet people sitting on their mobile phones on the street, in public transport, in restaurants, behind the wheel, etc., being addicted to this device.

You still have some tips to help you get rid of this phobia or at least limit your access.

Cancel notifications

No matter what you do, you will be distracted by audible notifications or by vibrations that come more and more often on your mobile phone: scores at matches, that a friend has posted, that you have an event nearby, your horoscope, etc. You can easily make certain settings so that you are no longer notified for anything, and if you keep cleaning, delete from the applications you use very rarely or not at all.

Use the phone with the limit

Try to set certain limitations in using your smartphone, to have certain hours when you enter and in certain situations, do not use it when you eat, when you are in the toilet, in bed, behind the wheel, etc. When you go out with friends to a restaurant or a pub, pay them due attention and do not sit on the phone.

10 evidences about phone addiction

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