10 games that can be payed better using a wall projector

10 games that can be payed better using  a wall projector

I have compiled a list of ten titles that go very well when played on the projector, addressing almost all genres on the market. In addition to a short presentation of each game, we also explain what would make it preferable on a big screen, discussing graphics and gameplay elements!

I selected the games from this list because they look especially good on the big screen of a Full HD projector. We focused on both the graphics and the vastness of the maps and the complexity of the story, trying to cover most game genres. The order is not based on quality or appreciation, therefore do not think that this is a top.

In addition, we have included both very new titles (some that have not yet been officially released) and older games. Let's see what might interest you:

Forza Motorsport

What the game is about: a racing simulator with the coolest supercars in the real world, on realistic tracks such as the Nurburgring, Laguna Seca or Le Mans. Even the scratches on the taillights are visible at high resolution, and both natural and anthropogenic landscapes are to be enjoyed, even if you don't play to win, but only for the sake of driving.

Why it's worth playing on the projector: it's worth it both for the beauty of the landscapes, reproduced with fidelity, and for the splendor of the cars and for the environmental effects (the puddles grow in real time, in the rain, for example).

Assassin's Creed (any game)

What the game is about: all the episodes in this series take place in a historic city, built in detail. It follows the story of some members of the assassins' guild, in various missions, but also how they influenced history.

Why it is worth playing on the projector: not only is it worth admiring on a big screen all the details of buildings and streets, but the mechanics of the game also allow climbing on towers, palaces or cathedrals. The panoramas will make you hold your breath and spend minutes admiring every detail.

10 games that can be payed better using  a wall projector

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