10 must have accessories for smartphone

10 must have accessories for smartphone

The personal phone is such a central object of the modern lifestyle that there are hundreds of types of accessories that facilitate the use of these gadgets in any everyday situation. It is a little difficult to separate them into the "essential" and "optional" categories – but we have selected 10 of the most sought after, useful for almost anyone passionate about smartphones and personal technology:

Portable / car chargers

Due to the high computing power of smart phones, the need for energy for their operation has increased, but the batteries do not offer more than 3-4 days of use (even much less, if you use them intensively).

For this reason, we can say that a portable Power Bank charger has really become essential nowadays. There are many models of such products, with higher or lower capacities. Also, a solution to avoid the situation of running out of battery is the car charger, which takes electricity from the cigarette lighter socket and transmits it via USB slots to your phone.

If you really want a unique method of charging, then you might like photoelectric cell power supplies, which will take solar energy and turn it into electricity for the various gadgets you have.

Board / bicycle mounts

For extra traffic safety and to benefit from the use of applications for the best smartphones (for example, GPS), a dashboard holder, or one for the handlebars, is quite important.

You can find simple models, with suction cup, but also more complicated systems, with articulated arm, which allow fixing the phone in almost any position. Not only is such an accessory convenient, it also eliminates the risk of getting a fine when driving, if a police officer pulls you to the right and you have the phone in your ear.

10 must have accessories for smartphone

Handsfree headphones

If we still mentioned the risk of fines, the handsfree systems with headphones can be passed without problems on our list of important accessories for drivers and not only. Here, we can only invite you to explore the market, as the range of products is huge.

There are mono headphones, just for answering calls, in-ear systems, or on-ear music, in short, almost anything for anyone. If you are absolutely obsessed with music quality, then digital-to-analog converters (DACs) for smartphones are also available, considerably increasing the signal quality, but also the volume, taking out the best from the headphone speakers.

Protective case / cover / foil

An expensive phone requires the need to be protected as well as possible. In addition to careful handling, it is good to keep it in protective foils and covers. They are present on the market in a great variety, some being anti-shock, protecting the gadget from falls and blows.

If you take your phone to the beach, you may also be interested in an anti-water case, useful in case of accidental escape into the sea or in the pool. Also, do not neglect the importance of applying foils for the screen – a scratched display will not only look ugly, but will also decrease the value of your smartphone, if you want to resell it.

Photo lenses

Even if these accessories may not be "must-have", given that almost everyone takes pictures, it would be fair to include them in the list. They fit with almost all phones and allow you to take photos with zoom, either in macro mode or in fisheye say wide-lens styles, depending on the users' preference.

Moreover, they are relatively cheap and easy to maintain, especially when delivered with your own protective bag. Also, another complementary accessory for shooting is the tripod for the phone, which is small in size, which will ensure stability and optimal positioning for a successful frame.

Smart watches

With the help of such an accessory, you will be able to read messages, e-mails or data provided by various applications, all without having to take your phone out of your pocket! In addition, many of the new smartwatch models include a speakerphone, microphone, or headphone output, to allow you to take calls only through them, while the phone (which communicates with the watch) remains hidden.

The popularity of these gadgets is growing, and if you have not tried something like that, we can say that it is worth it and that it is announced to be the next standard in personal technology.

Selfie sticks

Essential? Not really, but more than useful if you are a fan of social media.

And here are many models on the market, and if we list, in short, the elements to be desired for a selfie stick, we can mention the dimensions (maximum length, but also the minimum, when tight), the material (aluminum is preferable to plastic) , compatibility with various devices (both telephones and holiday cameras), water resistance or the ability to rotate the support head in as many directions as possible.

Arm straps

For fans of running, cycling or nature trips, an arm strap will allow you to carry your phone comfortably, without it jumping into your pockets (it's very annoying, isn't it?). Some strip models also include pockets for cards and keys, so the risk of them falling out of your pocket during training is eliminated!

10 must have accessories for smartphone

Bluetooth boxing

Maybe you want to listen to music, with friends, on a trip or on the train, and in such situations, a Bluetooth speaker is the solution. Music lovers can find both small pocket models and bulky devices with multiple speakers and ambient lights.

In addition, most such accessories also include a microphone to answer calls. Depending on how much money you are willing to give, you can spend from under 50 to over 2000 RON on a product of this kind.

External keyboards

If you write a lot of emails on your phone, it can be frustrating to try to touch the touch screen with one hand, especially when it is small.

An external mini-USB keyboard will be very appreciated, in such a situation, and in trade there are also models that fold, to be easily carried in your pocket, along with the service smartphone.

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