10 things to know about Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is one of the most famous and highest paid Hollywood stars today. He has been known in the industry since the 1980s, notably thanks to the film River's Edge . After that, he followed up with other blockbuster movies such as Speed , The Matrix and John Wick .

10 things to know about Keanu Reeves
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Although Keanu Reeves is very famous, there are some points about him that are still little known to his fans and the public. So here are ten facts about the actor you might not yet know.

A passion for hockey

During his childhood, Keanu Reeves was drawn to ice hockey. When he lived in Toronto, he played there throughout his schooling and even co-coached a club. However, when he had the opportunity to try out to play for an Ontario Hockey League hockey team called the Windsor Spitfires, he chose to decline because he believed at the time that the trade acting was what suited him.

In 1986, he starred as a professional hockey player in Youngblood alongside Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe.

He rubbed shoulders with a lot of child stars

When he was a child, Reeves once had the chance to rub shoulders with certain celebrities thanks to his mother's work. The latter, who was a costume designer, often invited some of her clients to their homes.

Alice Cooper was one of them. Reeves said the singer once brought fake vomit and dog poop to scare their housekeeper.

He played a role in a Coca Cola commercial and had to shave his legs

Many may not know it, but Keanu Reeves once played a role in a Coca-Cola commercial in the 1980s. He played the role of a cyclist. The actor said he shaved his legs to look more believable in his role.

He thought about using a nickname because he thought his first name was too hard to pronounce

During his film debut, Reeves had already considered using a pseudonym because of his first name which was rather difficult to pronounce and, according to some agents, apparently too exotic.

Because of his first name, some casting agents have indeed hesitated to call him to come to the auditions. Reeves thus started to use other names like KC Reeves, Chuck Spadina or even Page Templeton III, but he finally decided to keep his original name.

He has appeared in numerous music videos

Apart from her roles in films and in commercials, the star has also appeared in several music videos, namely I Love You to Death by Lawrence Kasdan and Rush Rush by Paula Abdul.

He contributed to the funding of Matrix

Keanu Reeves has always been known for his generosity. Among his many acts of benevolence, we can count for example his important contribution to the financing of the sequel to the film The Matrix.

Not only did the actor donate part of his salary to the visual effects and costume departments, he also purchased Harley-Davidson motorcycles from members of the stunt teams in recognition of their hard work.

He often defer his salary to allow producers to pay other actors

In addition to having paid to allow the making of certain films, it has also happened that Reeves voluntarily agreed to defer his salary so that the producers could pay other important actors. Among those who benefited from this act of Reeves, we can cite for example Al Pacino for his role in The Devil's Advocate , and Gene Hackman in The Replacement.

He is passionate about motorcycles and he even co-founded a company specializing in custom motorcycles.

Motorcycles are one of Keanu Reeves' passions. It was while shooting a film in Germany that the actor first learned to ride a motorcycle. He then decided to buy one after his return to the United States. The Norton Commando 1973 is one of his favorites.

Reeves is also the co-founder of Arch Motorcycle Company which is a dealer of custom motorcycles.

He had several motorcycle accidents

While riding motorcycles, Keanu Reeves has had several accidents which have caused him serious injuries such as the loss of several teeth, tearing of the spleen, broken ankle and rashes.

He is still a Canadian citizen

Something else to discover about Keanu Reeves, although he is world famous and very successful in the United States, he has always retained his Canadian citizenship. The actor, who comes from a mixture of several nationalities (Chinese, English, Irish, Hawaiian and Portuguese) indeed spent much of his childhood in Canada.

It was thanks to his American stepfather that he then obtained a green card to go to the United States.

So, here are some interesting points about Keanu Reeves, the actor who, according to the majority of fans, has no enemies.

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