10 unexpected things you can do with a smartphone

10 unexpected things you can do with a smartphone

The unique applications are an interesting topic both for smartphone enthusiasts and for those who do not pay so much attention to technology. From the ocean of unique things that smartphones can be used for, we have selected ten that really manage to surprise.

Some require special accessories, while others do not need anything to be implemented. In any case, they are all quite interesting:

Heart monitoring

With the help of fitness gadgets, such as Apple Watch or Fitbit Charge, you can easily monitor your heart rate, but there is a device that, in tandem with its special software, can perform a fairly detailed electrocardiogram.

This is called AliveCor Kardia and all you have to do is keep your fingers on the two conductive surfaces, and the program will evaluate various parameters related to the pulse.

Of course, it is much better to seek the advice of a specialist if you suspect that your heart is suffering from something, but this little gadget can detect certain symptoms before putting your foot in a doctor's office.

Attaching a microscope

For some photography fans, capturing the details of small objects can be a serious challenge. If you have the best smartphone on the market, its ability to take macro pictures is limited to objects of a few centimeters, but with gadgets like Nurugo Micro World or Landove Stereo Microscope, magnifications of 40X, up to 400X may be possible, the images being transmitted directly to the telephone.

From insect frames to watch mechanisms or sand threads, the possibilities of taking impressive photos with your smartphone will increase considerably, using these microscopes.

10 unexpected things you can do with a smartphone

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