10 urban gadgets you must have in 2021

10 urban gadgets you must have in 2021

Surely you would like to make your work as easy as possible and to have various ways to relax and have fun or to start a new hobby in your free time. And, as the world is currently driven by technological developments, why not try some gadgets that are only good to use in the urban atmosphere, whether it's time spent outdoors, home safety or accessories that prove useful in the more unexpected ways?

This does not necessarily mean that in the following list you will find only products that you will want to use, but they are popular examples at the moment, which are starting to take off or which have already proven their usefulness in a modern home. .

Electric bike

It looks like a classic two-wheeled vehicle, but also includes an engine with an attached battery, which allows you to "run" on the street, terrain or sidewalk without pedaling. In terms of design, there are options for everyone who wants, so the most beautiful electric bikes on the market are always a click away, because in online stores you have all kinds of more attractive variants.

It has varied autonomy and can reach average speeds of 25 km / h, moving faster from point A to point B, without having to put too much effort. On top of that, there are also foldable options, which do not take up much space and which you can store safely in your home, without the risk of theft.

10 urban gadgets you must have in 2021

Electric skateboard

We are already living in an era of the future, why not take a step further and relive your childhood dream on a "hoverboard" with wheels? Electric boards are loved by those who prefer a more environmentally friendly way to get to the office or meetings with friends, or who go for walks in parks and want a little "boost" of energy and when they do not feel like ia avant.

You will find plates with varied autonomy and that can reach even over 40 km / h, real small vehicles that get rid of the traffic jam or that give you something fun to do in your free time.

HD driving glasses

The "wearable" technologies, which we wear in one way or another, are now beginning to take off, and among them are NightGuide glasses, which improve the visual spectrum at night, when many accidents occur.

The utilitarian aspect of this gadget is that it highlights the colors better in order to be able to efficiently observe the surroundings. And they also look great, although no one may see you with them behind the wheel. In addition, you can wear them on the bike.

Action room

Who hasn't heard of GoPro and other similar mini-action cameras, with impenetrable, shock and water resistant cases, ready to accompany you in any adventure you start?

Well, now there are even smaller options with a mobile screen, which you can use as a camera for selfies or occasional filming and vlogging. Thus, any event or experience will be immortalized forever, at the touch of a button.

Universal external battery

Because we are always connected to one screen or another, we need more and more batteries and energy at hand. The solution, in this case, is a universal external battery, with enough compatible cable types for any type of device you have.

And you can find in online stores such gadgets with small, medium and large capacity, depending on how often and how much you are outside the area of an outlet.

Military lantern

In the case of power outages or when you are on a hike, nothing is more helpful than a good flashlight at night. It should not be missing from your survival arsenal, and military grade options are the most recommended, as they have been rigorously tried and tested. At the same time, they are much more powerful than the classic options, for home users, with a durable battery and different lighting settings.

10 urban gadgets you must have in 2021

Smart box

Whether we are talking about some wireless or wired, smart speakers, which connect to the Internet and help you with useful information are beginning to become an indispensable gadget in modern homes. I turn on and off your lights, put on your music and answer your questions. And if you need a speaker when you are in the mountains, in a tent or on a hike, such a device keeps you company with music.

Animal surveillance camera with sensor

Those who own a pet know that it is difficult to leave home and leave your furry friend alone. But with the help of a device like Petcube, you can keep track of what the little non-speaker does alone and you can even reward him with something good.

The device is controlled via mobile phone and has a video camera that can move to check any corner of the room. In addition, there is the secondary purpose of checking who enters your house.

Induction headphones

It is an alternative to regular headphones, giving you the best of both worlds: listening to music and keeping your reflexes alert to the environment.

They can be placed like ordinary headphones, in the ear area, but closer to the temples, or at the base of the neck, on the collarbone, and produce sounds through bone resonance, leaving your ears free to hear what is happening in traffic, what you says a colleague or what those around you are doing.

10 urban gadgets you must have in 2021

Fitness bracelet

Who hasn't already heard of the little handheld gadget that gives you information on how many steps you took today, how much you slept or how many calories you consumed? These small devices are starting to be more and more complicated, some being even specialized in certain types of activities (swimming, cycling, etc.), in order to offer sports enthusiasts and others the desired information.

At the same time, a fitness bracelet can complete your outfit, being easy to match both a casual look and a business or more elegant one. And you'll always know how you feel, with most of the options on the market already having a built-in heart rate sensor.

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