10 ways drones are currently used for good

Drones are devices that we not only encounter when it comes to entertainment or photos, but are used for much more difficult purposes, such as search / rescue missions, national security, wars and so on. They are definitely amazing gadgets that seem to grow from day to day.

Drones, those devices that attract and frighten us at the same time. We like everything such a device can do, but we also worry about how dangerous it can be in certain situations. Nowadays they have a lot of purposes, they are used in a lot of fields, and we will tell you the most popular ones in the following:


The easiest way to use a drone is to have fun. Devices created for such purposes are small, weighing up to 500 grams, so they do not need to be registered. But it is good to take into account the recommendations that are made in connection with the flight space, more precisely not to raise them where there are trees, high voltage wires or not to use them when the weather is unfavorable.


The appearance of drones in this field of activity has revolutionized the way pictures are taken, because, without a doubt, the aerial shots look in an incredibly pleasant way, if they are made by skilled people.

Drones must have a high-performance camera, in order to provide the best possible clarity and the more interesting their features, the more expensive they are.

10 ways drones are currently used for good

Surveillance / search / national security

With the help of these devices you can easily monitor certain areas, events and so on. They can help to increase security measures when important people appear in public, whose lives must be protected (state presidents, international celebrities, etc.).

At the same time, drones are part of the range of accessories used by specialists in criminal detection missions, with their help certain targets can be tracked.

These devices also come in support of search teams, when they want to identify people who have been lost or who have accidentally arrived in certain areas more difficult to access by other methods.


Drones greatly facilitate the work of those who make films, but also other types of videos. They help to capture the frames in a unique way, they no longer require so many large devices to record from a height, but everything is much simpler and the results are spectacular.

Exploitation of gases and minerals

Special models of such devices are those that come to the aid of people who deal with the exploitation of natural resources. They are equipped with electromagnetic sensors that are able to provide details on the presence of minerals, various types of gases and other types of resources. Their appearance greatly facilitated the work of geologists or other specialists in this field.


There are several reasons why individuals in this field use drones. Some want to see what damage has been done to crops as a result of natural disasters, others want to see if what they have planted progresses and grows in a healthy way, and others want to measure land or analyze it in terms of humidity. , temperature, pressure or incident light.

10 ways drones are currently used for good

At the same time, there are high-performance variants that help to spray crops against pests or to help them grow better. But they require a very large budget and are accessible only to those who are very powerful financially.


This field is in a continuous development in our country, where new blocks of flats and houses appear from one day to the next. Drones can be very useful in construction, primarily because they allow land inspection or data collection related to the stage of a particular site. At the same time, with their help, the soil on which it is to be built can be studied and last but not least, photo-video materials can be collected to promote a certain residential project.


The first delivery of drone products took place in 2018, when the Icelandic company AHA started shipping parcels to customers on certain predetermined routes.

Then, in 2019, Amazon, UPS or other large companies announced their intention to make such shipments, but so far nothing concrete has been done, on an extended level, only tests are being done.

But, it is not long and we believe that in 2021 such actions will be more and more common.

Armed conflicts

Yes, these devices can be used as well. Through them, enemy fronts can be monitored, and not once have I heard or read that drones from enemies have been identified and shot down in certain territories.

At the same time, these gadgets can be used to detonate bombs in various areas, to transport explosive materials or just to mislead the targeted targets.

10 ways drones are currently used for good

Drug transport

Unfortunately, it is becoming more common for these devices to be used illegally, specifically for drug transport. There have been cases where packages of such substances have been delivered a few blocks away or situations where attempts have been made to put them in prisons. And no, we are not talking about who knows what distant countries, but even about Romania, such a case being reported for the first time in 2017.

Drones are definitely high-performance gadgets that can sometimes do what we never thought possible. They will advance further in the coming years and it is important that their owners use them correctly and legally so that there are no dangers.

If you want to buy a small model, which you can use for entertainment and aerial filming, you will easily findthe best mini drone for you in online stores. Make sure it does not exceed 500 grams, so that you do not have to register it with the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority.

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