13 tips to go further with Google search

Every day, millions of people around the world use Google's search engine to find various information. The world's leading search engine is now an integral part of our daily lives, to the point that we can hardly do without it. Yet most people do not fully exploit the potential of this super powerful tool.

If you want to use Google Search more efficiently and get what you're looking for faster, here are 13 tips that should help you a lot.

13 tips to go further with Google search

1. Use Google Search modifiers

Google's search algorithm is able to return you relevant results even when your query is very approximate. But when you know exactly what you're looking for, you have the flexibility to refine your search results using basic modifiers. Here are a few that can be very useful:

  • Use quotes to search the exact order: if you search for example “Michael Jordan shoes” , Google Search will return you results containing all these words, in that order. But if you do the same search with Michael Jordan Shoes (without the quotes), you will get different results, containing all of those words, but not necessarily in the order of your query.
  • Exclude terms with “ NOT” or the minus sign (-): When you want to exclude certain terms from your search results, Google allows you to do so by using the NOT operator or the minus symbol (-) . For example, if you are looking for the best sports cars – Ferrari , you will get results for the best sports cars, but without Ferrari.
  • Use “|” or “OR” to combine searches: if you want to have two separate but related pieces of information, you can use this modifier. Usually Google ignores uppercase, but in this case you can use “OR” in uppercase. So you will not obtain the same results for " capital Texas or Italy" , and for " capital Texas OR Italy" .

13 tips to go further with Google search

2. Use Google Search qualifiers

Google Search also offers a variety of search qualifiers that help filter your results better. Here are a few that are very practical:

  • Search within a single website: If you want search results from a single website, you can use the qualifier site: followed directly by the URL of the site in question. You have to write the full domain of the site for it to work, for example Google site tips: intactearnings.com and not Google site tips: intactearnings .
  • Search in titles only: You can use the qualifier intitle: to search for specific words in the titles of web pages. For example, if you are looking for high-tech news intitle: France , Google will only return you high-tech news sites that have the word “France” in their page titles. You can also use the qualifier allintitle: to only have links containing several specific words in their titles. For example: allintitle: news France Europe .
  • Search in text only: the intext: and allintext: qualifiers allow you to search only in the text of a site, without the search algorithm taking into account the title and the URL, as usual to do.
  • Search URLs only: Similarly, you can also search Google by focusing only on site URLs. All you need to do is use the qualifiers inurl: and allinurl:.

These different qualifiers can be used together, for even more precision in your searches, and you can even combine them with the modifiers mentioned previously. Be careful, however, to always place the text you are looking for directly after the colon , with no spaces between them. For can consult this guide to see even more Google search operators.

13 tips to go further with Google search

3. Do math operations in the Google search box

Whether you want to do a simple math operation to calculate a percentage, or create a graph from a complex equation, you can use Google's search bar as a calculator. For example if you enter 47 + 18 , a calculator will appear under the search bar with the correct answer displayed. Likewise you can ask Google how much is 8 times 13 , and the calculator will give you the correct answer. You can also ask for things like 13% of $ 76.53 and you'll always get the answer.

And if you want to do more complex calculations, such as creating interactive 3D virtual objects (on a desktop browser that supports WebGL), you can also use the Google search bar to plot the equation curves with “X” and “y”.

13 tips to go further with Google search

4. Define words in Google Search

You can ask Google to give you the definition of words (or two-word phrases) whose meaning you don't know. To do this, you just need to use the define: or definition: qualifiers. Google will send you a map with the definition, pronunciation and, if available, a detailed etymology of the word.

13 tips to go further with Google search

5. Check the weather on Google

Nothing could be simpler, just do a search with " weather " and Google will present an interactive map with weather information provided by weather.com . By default, the map will rely on your IP address to locate you and provide local weather data. But if not you can also get the weather forecast from any place in the world. Type for example New York USA weather and you will know the weather in New York.

13 tips to go further with Google search

6. Look for sunrise and sunset

If you want to know what time the sun will rise or set in your city, just search for “sunrise” or “sunset” to find the corresponding times in your area. You can also search for other places.

13 tips to go further with Google search

7. Know what time it is all over the world

Just type "time" into the Google search bar to find out what time it is in your home, based on your IP address. But what's even more interesting is that you can also get the current time in any location in the world. You just have to type “time” followed by the name of a country, a city or a zip code (if it's in the United States).

13 tips to go further with Google search

8. Know the flight times

Here is a useful little feature of Google Search. You just need to enter a flight number (EX: AF 1234 ) and Google will send you a map with updated flight times, along with other information like terminal / gate. Google can even help you book your next flight. To do this, simply go to Google Flights to find the cheapest flights.

13 tips to go further with Google search

9. Find local attractions

For those who travel a lot, you may find yourself in a foreign country one day not quite sure what to do to have a little fun. In this case, Google can help you easily find local attractions. Just search for: [city name] attractions to get an information map with local attractions and relevant pictures. Click on “Also discover” and a map will open with all the attractions marked in red.

13 tips to go further with Google search

10. Save an image in Google Search for later

Google last added to its search engine a feature similar to that of Pinterest that allows the user to save images for later viewing. You can do this by clicking on an image in the image search results and pressing the “ Add to ” button to make it part of your collection and you can easily find it later.

This feature works on mobile as well as desktop (via Chrome) and backups sync automatically across all devices. To access the images you have saved, click " Collections " in the upper right corner of Google image search results. On mobile, a “Collections” floating button appears at the bottom right of the screen.

13 tips to go further with Google search

11. Perform an advanced image search

All of the search filters we mentioned above for Google Search also work for Google Image. But you can do even more in-depth image searches using Google's advanced image search. To do this, in Google image, click on “ Settings ”, then on “ Advanced Search ”. You will then have several options to refine your search as much as possible (size, region, file type, color, etc.).

13 tips to go further with Google search

12. Perform reverse image search

It's good to google for images, but it's even better to be able to additionally upload an image and get information about that image. If you upload, for example, an image of a monument, Google has the ability to recognize it and provide you with information about this monument. And you can even do the same with people's faces . Cool isn't it!

In addition to this, Google can show you “visually similar” images, identify a work of art, or direct you to websites where the image in question appears.

To do this, simply go to Google image and click on the small camera icon in the search bar. You can then enter the URL of the image, or simply download it. You can also make it even easier by dragging the image directly into the image search bar .

13 tips to go further with Google search

13. Flip a coin (heads or tails)

Finally, if you're ever hesitant to make a decision and don't have a coin handy, Google can help. Just type “heads or tails” in the search bar and Google will present you with a coin you can toss (virtually of course).

13 tips to go further with Google search

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