15 gifts for instant photo enthusiasts

Finding the right gift for a photographer who is passionate about instant photography is not an easy task. Gadgets related to the field can often be nice, but without arousing in any way the interest of the amateur artist. That's why I made a list of 15 gift ideas that he would definitely like.

Are you looking for a gift idea for a young person, a technology lover or a photography enthusiast? Try your luck with our suggestions, keeping in mind that instant photography is trying a strong comeback at a time when our photos, stored on computers, on social networks or on a "cloud" are accumulating more and more, and are forgotten. , just as memories evaporate.

Lens Filters

These filters provide a creative, different way to take instant pictures. It gives you free rein to your imagination, they come in a wide variety of models. Some, colored, give a pleasant shade to the image, others achieve very interesting effects, such as the kaleidoscope.

Flash + color filters

For dark places, the flash is ideal for taking quality pictures, pleasantly illuminating the subject. Also, if you want to take your instant photos to the next level, then you can buy some color filters for flash. They change the color of the flash light, completely changing the atmosphere of a picture.

15 gifts for instant photo enthusiasts

A polarizing filter

If the loved one is a photographer and a traveler, the polarizing filter is essential. This accessory eliminates reflections from the water and intensifies the colors of a landscape very exposed to the sun. This is, for example, very useful for photographing turquoise blue beaches in the Caribbean.

The filter improves the contrasts and color saturation, allowing the sky, sea and green to stand out better in the photo.

Shield for pictures

Instant pictures, once they come out of the camera, must be protected from light. Sometimes, though, this can be harder to do, especially if you're out in the middle of the day. An accessory that easily gets rid of this problem is a shield that can be attached to the device. When you take a picture, it is protected by a small black panel, which stops the light from reaching the picture.

Photo bag

Your camera needs to be protected as well as possible. That's why a photo bag is a must. You can easily carry it on your shoulder, so that you can reach the device immediately. The bag, however, not only keeps your device safe, but is very convenient for carrying all accessories and film rolls.


The strap also helps protect the device almost always. When taking pictures, you can also hold it by the strap, to prevent any unwanted accident. You can also find some models with a retro look, which go very well with the instant camera.

Photo album

Instant pictures not only look good quality, but also the way they are put on the film roll. To enjoy the wonderful quality of the pictures, a photo album for instant pictures would be perfect. You can also arrange them in chronological order, or according to any criteria you want, being a good way to remember the beautiful moments you captured with your family or friends.

15 gifts for instant photo enthusiasts

Fridge magnets

For even more important and special pictures, a wonderful accessory is the fridge magnet. On one side the picture is glued, and on the other side you put it on the fridge, creating a very pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen.

Polaroid shaped cup

Your friend will have fun receiving a funny cup in the shape of a Polaroid camera. Such an unusual ceramic cup model offers something unusual that attracts its references from the '80s. To stay on top of attractions during coffee breaks at work, all you have to do is naturally display this Polaroid-looking mug under your colleagues' noses.

Accessory kit for Fujifilm or Polaroid box

It contains a series of accessories, which will be very appreciated, especially since the big problem of consumables used in "minute" photography are very expensive. You can find in such a box everything you need to personalize your prints, such as stickers, small frames, but also a cover to protect your device and special photographic paper.

Polaroid toilet roll holder

Do you want to offer an original and funny gift that, in addition to decorating the toilet, has the utility of distributing toilet paper? Then this extremely special Polaroid device will be ideal!

Polaroid printer

Amateur photographers are always looking for new equipment to perfect their technique and style. If we often think of offering a stronger lens, a removable flash or even a tripod for night photos, there are still other small accessories that will satisfy an amateur photographer.

This Polaroid printer allows you to print the most beautiful photos directly from your mobile phone via Bluetooth. So, you can give them to your friends as souvenirs.

15 gifts for instant photo enthusiasts

The photo frame

Photo frames allow you to highlight the work of a photographer, but also to decorate a living room, a bedroom or even a bathroom. You can opt for a beautiful wooden photo frame or you can prefer the option for a photo collage:

If your friend prefers photo albums, you can choose a wedding, birth or travel template for photo albums so that he can place his selection of photos there. You can also opt for a bright frame, which will highlight your most beautiful photos.

An instant camera

Today, the range of Polaroids is very diverse. You will find several price ranges and various options (speed, aperture, focus, lens, etc.). You can choose Spectra, PoGo Zink or Instax models. Fujifilm also offers compact devices, such as the Fuji Instax mini 7s. A wonderful gift to try your hand with instant photography.

For photography enthusiasts, a Polaroid camera remains a very popular vintage object, because it leaves an immediate trace of a moment in life that can be captured in flight and shared immediately. The new generation "Polas" is fashionable, practical, useful and remains an object of value and collection for some. Tip: don't forget to buy consumables: sheets and films, if the person you are offering it to wants to capture the moment.

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