15 good gifts for travel addicted people

Choosing a personalized gift for a person is a unique way to mark your message of sympathy. Here is a guide that will help you find that original gift that you will give to someone who means a lot to you, but who dreams of traveling around the world and who is passionate about travel.

We often make the mistake of buying a gift that we like, when in fact the purchase should revolve around the elements that would make the recipient of the gift really happy. Here are some ideas if he (or she) travels often and if vacations away from home smile more than anything:

Luggage tags

Available in a wide range of colors and a multitude of shapes, the labels you can attach to your suitcase, even to hand luggage, ensure the quick identification of your luggage among hundreds of pieces of luggage, many of them very similar to shape, size and color. All you have to do is attach the card with the details on the label and your suitcase will always find you.

A map of the cork world

The adhesive cork board is ideal for fixing your favorite or future destinations. It is a gift as original as it is funny. You can play by marking the places you have already visited or those you are visiting. You can also use pins of different colors to mark the two categories of seats. And with how much satisfaction you will turn the dream into reality! 15 good gifts for travel addicted people

A 20 liter folding backpack

A smaller backpack, which may have, in addition to the main compartment, and one or more side pockets will prove very useful once you reach your destination. For current walks, it will fit everything you need: documents, money, keys, travel guide, map and camera. It folds easily and can be hidden in your own front pocket to save maximum space when not in use.

A notebook with travel reasons

Never go out without the notebook that will inspire you with the idea of a travel diary. Write down your ideas, shopping lists, daily tasks, a phone number or an address. Finally, the perfect note for travelers is the covers or tabs, similar, for example, to a train or plane ticket, which will definitely make you want to go on the road without delay.

An alum stone

It is an ecological, economical and very useful gift. Alum stone is generally used by travelers as a natural deodorant, but it can also heal small cuts, wounds or relieve irritations caused by insect bites. Yes, it can be considered a magic stone, which will last for several years on all your travels, and not only.

A Kindle or other electronic book reader

Giving classic printed books on paper to an inveterate traveler is not necessarily a good idea, as you will probably not be able to take them with you or read them. Why not give him a Kindle and some e-books for the road? The device takes up little space, is light, and can accommodate an entire library. We no longer take into account the fact that the battery can last up to a month, its font, brightness and font size can be set, and the newer models also have a night mode for a pleasant read.

An audio book or a subscription for audio books

Here is another original gift for your traveling friend who wants to satisfy his love of reading and literature on the roads of the world. It is the ideal solution to immerse yourself in a smooth reading and for an immersive and literary journey. Give him an audio book or a monthly audio book subscription to enjoy a different way of reading on the go. 15 good gifts for travel addicted people

A Swiss Army knife

A Swiss Army knife is an essential element that fits like a glove for all tourists. The tool can be used anywhere: camping, picnicking, on the road, even in a poorly equipped motel. The knife can accompany you from the beginning of the trip and you can take it everywhere, unless you travel only with cabin baggage on the plane.

A passport cover

The passport cover is an inspired gift for people who frequently travel to areas where they need such an identity card. A nice passport cover is welcome, because without protection, this very important document would deteriorate too much in 10 years on the road.

A luggage organizer

It is a handy tool to store all your gadgets and to prevent tangles in the bottom of your travel bag or backpack. Even more: thanks to the design available in a multitude of models, it can accommodate almost any equipment and is compatible in principle with all models and sizes of bags and suitcases.

A conversation guide

With this funny and useful travel companion, your possible communication problems are over. All you have to do is show the person you want to communicate with directly the object or place you are looking for to understand you before your hands hurt. It is a good accessory to get out of difficult situations during a stay in Istanbul, for example, or anywhere in the world where you can not find a lingua franca .

A plane ticket

It is said that you have to book your plane ticket on average a month in advance to take advantage of the best prices. Okay, here's a great opportunity to make someone happy. Why not give him a fairytale weekend in a European capital, for example? Prague, Amsterdam, Paris or Rome are just a click away from your traveling friend.

A subscription to a travel magazine

If your tourist has a fixed address for the next months, you can opt for a subscription to a travel magazine. Choose something that will inspire him every month and help him choose and look forward to the next adventure: National Geographic Traveler , Holidays and Travel , why not even picturesque Romania ?

15 good gifts for travel addicted people

A workshop at a local artisan

Why not opt for a moment, an experience rather than an object? Offer a themed workshop on the next trip: a wine or beer tasting, a woodworking course, modeling clay, making cheese or chocolate, creating jewelry, rafting, a terrarium, making a bouquet of flowers, etc. Surely his experience will be enriched, and the memories will be worth it.

An instant camera

These small timeless devices are literally taken by storm in the evening or during events. It is possible to find Polaroid cameras at very affordable prices, certainly more than 200 lei, but still affordable, given the pleasure it offers. The capture of the moment is unique, when its result will be in the hands of the photographer in less than a minute.

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