15 must-have devices for a modern home

15 must-have devices for a modern home

Given the multitude of products that improve life at home, which is on the market, we thought it was a good idea to compile a list of 15 such gadgets. We present them all below, trying to cover all the rooms and areas of a truly modern home:

Do you want to have a modern house, as you dreamed of when you were little kids? Well, as it turns out, "the future is now" – and that means you can always turn your home into a technology hub, where almost every aspect of everyday life is enhanced by a gadget. We have selected 15 such high-tech products, with which to set up your living room, garden, bathroom, kitchen or garage:

Automatic garage doors

Yes, we know what you're thinking: automatic garage doors aren't exactly something new under the sun. However, new systems on the market allow their control through artificial intelligence assistants, such as Google's Alexa.

This way, you no longer have to press the buttons on a remote control to open the garage, but you will dictate the command to your phone – convenient, right? Especially when you have your hands on the wheel.

Smart heating

There are many products that can help maintain the optimal temperature in the house. We recommend those that include smart thermostats, which in addition to being very efficient in monitoring the heat and operating mode of the heating system, can also be controlled through a smartphone application.

We can also recommend detectors for heat loss. They use infrared radiation to determine which areas of the house should be better insulated. Thus, by taking care of them, you will be able to save up to 20% more money on heating bills.

Monitoring for the little ones

If you have children, you know how much care they need, and fortunately, there is a very wide range of products on the market for monitoring them: wireless cameras of all kinds are just one example. Many of them also have a temperature sensor, to find out if the little ones are not too cold or too hot. Their prices are also attractive, and this item on the list may be even the cheapest.

15 must-have devices for a modern home

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