1fichier.com: The manager of the site in court for "counterfeiting of cinematographic works"

This is information revealed by the Republican East about the leader of 1fichier.com, which offers a large number of illegal files, between films, series and other documentaries. Yohan Tordjman, at the head of the site created by the company DStorage, of which he is also the creator, went before the Specialized Interregional Jurisdiction (JIRS) for " counterfeiting of cinematographic or audiovisual work, provision of videograms and phonograms, not authorized by producers ”. The man faces a one-year suspended sentence and a heavy fine for hosting this illegal content.

A case which, as the Republican East explains, is causing a lot of noise among the beneficiaries of a cultural world hit hard by the pandemic.

1fichier.com: The manager of the site in court for "counterfeiting of cinematographic works"

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David Melison, magistrate who assisted the judge during this hearing, indicated that 1fichier.com “ stores files on its servers (…) The person who posts the files can obtain a download link ”.

The entrepreneur faces a one-year suspended sentence and a heavy fine

It is a completely legal file hosting site in fact but which has taken an illegal turn, with more than 7 million downloads of copyrighted works . Yohan Tordjman defends himself in this regard, while 1fichier.com only offers storage and then produces a link that the owner can share. The man explains that he is " fully aware that there may be films or illegal content on the servers, but I cannot know ". On third-party sites offering illegal files, many pointed to 1fichier.com to download them.

Yohan Tordjman explained that he created his company DStorage in 2009 before launching 1fichier.com during the year 2015. But his company quickly went into the red, the man declaring to have been prevented from working, in particular because the payment by bank card was been cut.

In this case, agents of Sacem and the Civil Society of phonographic producers identified a large number of links violating the intellectual property code. But if Yohan Tordjman agrees at the beginning to delete them, the latter judges that the requests " were not coherent , this concerning in particular files never downloaded ".

But magistrate David Melison does not hear it that way, arguing that Yohan Tordjman knew what 1fichier.com was hosting and that "to say that you do not know what you have on your servers is difficult to hear ".

A representative of the Civil Society of Phonographic Producers estimates the damage at 167,000 euros and asks for the illegal files to be withdrawn with 1,000 euros per day of delay. Sacem thinks bigger and speaks of 237,887 euros.

A judgment will be rendered shortly.

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