20 years later, the PlayStation 1 sees the arrival of a new game

The PlayStation 1 recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, but it doesn't seem like it wants to retire. Proof of this is, twenty years after its announcement, a new title has just emerged: Magic Castle.

Magic Castle is therefore one of those titles that will be a little desired. Announced for the very first time in 1998, the title will indeed have needed two decades to see the return. A turbulent story, but one that deserves to be brought to your attention.

20 years later, the PlayStation 1 sees the arrival of a new game
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At the origin of this extraordinary title are two passionate developers, K. Matsunami and PIROWO.

Magic Castle, a title that took two decades to see the light of day

In 1998, they decided to go for it and use the PlayStation Development Kit to create a role-playing adventure game. At the time, the kit in question was indeed available to everyone and it was enough to pay $ 750 to acquire it. Since then, of course, things have changed a lot, but Sony preferred to play the openness card in order to more easily impose its console on the market.

K. Matsunami and PIROWO were working at the time for a company specializing in the development of arcade games. Galvanized by the new Japanese console, however, they chose to resign in order to be able to create their own game.

A game that departed quite a bit from what existed at the time. Magic Castle was not a simple RPG with a top view of more in the immensity of the history of RPGs and it had the particularity of offering a life in isometric 3D in order to reinforce the immersion of the players.

A turbulent history

The duo therefore developed a demo, which was then recorded on a VHS transmitted to the Sony teams. The firm received the tape and congratulated the two developers for their work… without offering to recruit them. Our two friends therefore contacted several other publishers to try to sell them their title, without success.

K. Matsunami and PIROWO ended up completely dropping the case… until the latter finally fell back on the source code of Magic Castle and decided to finish it. After two or three exchanges with Matsunami, the latter agreed to help him and our two friends were able to complete this project which was so dear to them.