2004 iPod hacked to run Spotify (test from 2021)

The iPod had many qualities, such as its storage capacity, its look and its ergonomics, but it suffered from a major drawback: its lack of connectivity. Unlike our smartphones, it couldn't connect to networks and therefore was unable to run apps like Deezer, Apple Music or Spotify.

Not natively at least, and that is precisely what brings us to the subject of this article.

2004 Ipod Hacked To Run Spotify
This 2004 iPod Can Run Spotify

Guy Dupont, a guy who is obviously very gifted with his hands, has indeed hacked his 2004 iPod to… run Spotify.

A 2004 iPod modified to run Spotify

You can imagine it, but the task was not easy and our talented handyman had to go far enough to achieve this feat.

He therefore started by opening his walkman and emptying it of all of its components … except for its wheel and adjacent mechanisms. Then, he placed a Raspberry Pi Zero W inside the iPod, then he connected the mini computer with the clickable wheel of the walkman in order to allow him to recognize it. A difficult step to take, that goes without saying.

Then Guy removed the LCD display from the iPod and replaced it with an LCD display before adding a haptic motor and a nice 1000mAh battery.

The hardest part was yet to come. Guy Dupont then had to develop his own software in order to recreate the original interface of the iPod. After quite a few hours of work, he managed to achieve his goal and produce an interface very similar to that of the Apple player.

A titanic job

Then, well he just installed the Spotify client on it.

So it's true that this iPod no longer has much to do with the original model, at least not when looking at its technical sheet or its software, but the product remains aesthetically the same and the navigation seems as fluid as at the time.

If you want to see what it looks like in real life, no problem, Guy made a little video to present his iPod. The exterior, of course, but also the interior. And we must admit that the result commands respect.

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