2021 MacBook Pro: Sizzling Speakers?

After the ( corrected ) problems of Thermal Throttling, and SSDs that it would be better to avoid deleting according to some colleagues , the MacBook Pro 2018 is once again talking about him, this time for a sound problem. The latest high-end laptop from Apple would indeed be faced, according to the feedback of several users, with speaker concerns. The latter would in particular tend to crack and sizzle when called upon, and whatever the use that one has or the model of MacBook Pro chosen.

The problem would thus affect the 15 or 13-inch models just as much, regardless of the processor they embed, and would occur just as easily by launching a song on iTunes, a radio podcast or a simple video on YouTube. For now, the precise origin of the problem remains uncertain and Apple has not yet deigned to speak out on the issue.

2021 MacBook Pro: Sizzling Speakers?

According to several Internet users, the speakers of certain models of MacBook Pro 2018 would be plagued by unexplained “crackles”. Apple has not yet released a statement on this matter.

Consequently the theories are numerous and the assertions fuse on the specialized forums (in particular on the forum of the MacRumors site and that of Apple ). Some users point to a software glitch, while others seem to blame Apple's T2 chip. Integrated both on the latest iMac Pro and on the 2018 MacBook Pro, the latter notably supports “Hey Siri” support and also controls the sound and the SSD on these machines. What if the problem came from there?

The T2 chip involved?

While waiting for a possible press release from Apple, the tweezers will be out, of course, but it may be that a failure of the T2 chip is the source of the crackling problems observed on the 2018 MacBook Pro. This would also explain why the software solutions do not seem to work effectively on the affected units; and why users who have benefited from a replacement of their MacBook Pro following a service return still encounter the problem on their new machine.

A speaker problem that owners of iMac Pro had also brought up a few months ago on the official Apple forum. It remains to be seen what will be the response of the Californian firm to the question. So far, Apple has been fairly diligent in its way of providing solutions to the few failures encountered on its latest MacBook Pro, let's hope that the brand continues this momentum.

2021 MacBook Pro: Sizzling Speakers?

Apple T2 chip (Photo credit: iFixit )

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