Cubii review-portable elliptical

Alter your sitting time to”active sitting” with All the world’s first Compact and Smart Cushioned elliptical. Cubii the”Only slide it under your desk or in the front of your cozy sofa to get a whisper quiet workout as you go on your day. The Cubii entered a marketplace for under desk elliptical that has come into its own over the last couple of decades.


Cubii Includes a grip, which surely makes the device easier to move. Cubii beneath desk bicycle blows away the competition at a single Major class, its own “smart” functionalit. Only that the Cubii utilizes Bluetooth connection to a program in your smart phone. Cubii joins to a mobile program and Syncs with Fitbit & Apple Healthkit to monitor, share, and compete with friends. The Cubii elliptical program also lets you produce targets, compete with friends, and discuss your progress. It integrates with all the popular exercise device FitBit. Track your stats, track wellness objectives, and discuss with friends through Cubii’s own cellular program.

Fitting in the Office

Occasionally, similar goods will begin squeaking or making different sounds punctually, but Cubii hasn’t. The cubii under desk elliptical is quiet. It’s silent enough to be discreet to your colleagues. In this portable elliptical this is a handy built-in grip for moving the device from the way when you are done using it.

Cubii models

The item comes in two colour patterns: black with red, and grey with black. Cubii currently offers three Distinct versions in three different colors. The base model Cubii Jr. comes in black with aqua detail. The Pro version is available in Black (with red detail) and Chrome. Elite version features sophisticated dark wood finish.

If you are dedicated to purchasing a desk bicycle and need the very best from the current market, the Cubii under Desk Elliptical definitely has the most to offer you.

Does Cubii really work?

As long is your goal is to pack a little extra movement into an otherwise stationary day the answer is yes.

What is the cost of Cubii?

The Cubii Pro usually goes for $379.

Does pedaling lose weight?

You can lose weight by using cubii elliptical cubii elliptical for example, if you weigh 160 pounds, you’ll burn around 290 calories pedaling at a slow 5.5 mph

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