3 professional drone manufacturers

Professional drones are unmanned vehicles that require a fairly large financial investment, regardless of the field in which you will use them. They must be chosen with great care, and in this very important step is the brand, because it can give you confidence that you have made a good choice. Among the most popular manufacturers are: DJI, Parrot and Yuneec.

If it's time to buy a professional drone, you're most likely interested in getting quality devices that will be able to work as you expect, as promised by those who manufacture them. For this, you need to turn your attention to trusted brands. These are:


In 2003, a young Chinese man named Frank Wang went to Hong Kong to enroll in the University of Science and Technology. She was part of a team that won third place in a competition, and as a result, in 2005 received a $ 2300 prize for drone research and development.

Thus, in 2006 the DJI company was founded, which Wang developed right in his room. With a lot of work and perseverance, things started to move forward, and in 2015 the DJI S800 appeared, the first drone of this brand.

Today, this brand is one of the largest in the world and represents over 70% of the world's drone market. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, but has branches in other countries such as the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan and South Korea. 3 professional drone manufacturers

The range of devices is very varied. It includes models that can be used in all kinds of fields, from photography and topography, to agriculture and search missions. In addition, the company has available products such as: camera stabilizers, flight platforms, propulsion systems, etc.


This company started its activity in 1994, in Paris, France, being founded by Christine / M De Tourvel, Jean-Pierre Talvard and Henri Seydoux, with the aim of making and marketing articles based on wireless technologies.

The first important product of this brand was a personal digital assistant, with voice recognition, which was very useful for visually impaired people. Then followed other interesting articles, among which we mention: 2000 – the first handsfree car kit, via Bluetooth; 2006 – digital photo copper, wireless boxing; 2010 – the first unmanned flying vehicle.

This last device I mentioned was also the first step in the direction of drones. The Parrot AR model could be controlled using a smartphone application and was launched in Las Vegas. Then, things continued to develop, and today this company is in the top of the most appreciated when it comes to drones in all kinds of fields.

However, the brand's production does not stop only at such devices, but also sells: handsfree communication systems for cars, accessories and spare parts for drones, wireless headphones or automatic irrigation systems.

3 professional drone manufacturers


This brand started its activity in 1999, in Hong Kong and initially deals with the production of aircraft models that could be controlled by remote control. After launching the first successful electric paramotor on the market, its founder, Tian Yu, turned his attention to electrical devices and then designed a series of motors that were used on various vehicles.

Things have progressed well for this brand and in 2003 it already manufactures over 1 million units per year, with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Los Angeles and Hamburg. Today, the company's headquarters are in Jiangsu, and in total there are about 1,800 employees who make things move in the right direction.

An important moment in the company's history took place in 2015, when it began its collaboration with Intel, which provides access to state-of-the-art technologies when it comes to the endowments of products for sale.

Over time, this brand has received many awards and important certifications, including the Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Award for the E430 two-seater electric aircraft and the Deutschen Ultraleicht Flug Verbandes Certification for the E-Spyder electric aircraft.

One of the newest devices from this brand is the Mantis G, a folding drone with a camera and stabilizer. Another novelty is the fact that in September 2019, the company announced a strategic partnership with Leica, in order to obtain a very good video quality for the launched devices.

These are the three most important manufacturers to which you should turn your attention if you want to buy a professional drone . Of course, there are others, but they have less powerful devices, which do not cope with more difficult requests, which do not offer very good quality, but which have more affordable prices.

3 professional drone manufacturers

If you also want to buy such a gadget, the choice is good to make from online stores, due to the fact that you have many options and you can easily compare prices and features of the device.

In connection with the choice itself, take into account the following: the purpose for which you buy it, because the drone must be suitable for the activity you want to use it (video recording, topography, search missions, etc.), flight range, for make sure it stays in the air long enough to successfully complete the desired activity, the speed at which it moves, so that you get an idea of how fast it moves, but also the key features it has. has (GPS, wireless, 360 degree rotation, return to base, etc.).

All these details are very important when it comes to buying a drone, if you want to do everything as knowingly as possible. And don't forget, a quality item is usually bought from a famous brand, which cannot afford to compromise on quality and which is serious when it comes to distribution, return and warranty of a product.

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