3 sites to download the subtitles of your series and your movies

Need subtitles for your series or movies? Don't panic, the team has selected the 3 best specialized sites for you.

Gone are the days when we had to patiently wait for the dubbing of our favorite films and series. The Internet has indeed changed the way we access culture. Now there are no boundaries and it only takes a few clicks to find the latest episode of our flagship series, or even the new film from our favorite director.

3 Sites To Download The Subtitles Of Your Series And Your Movies

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If the borders have fallen, there remains a barrier, namely that of language. Because we are very far from being all polyglots, which can of course complicate the task when one is fond of foreign productions.

But this is of course without counting on the talent of amateur translators.

There are indeed on the web several teams specializing in the noble art of translation, teams which have become accustomed to sharing the fruit of their work on specialized sites. And indeed, if you are having trouble finding good translations, then this file should interest you.

It lists 3 essential sites to download the subtitles of your favorite series and movies.

Team Addic7ed website

3 Sites To Download The Subtitles Of Your Series And Your Movies 1

The home page of the Addic7ed Team website

Team Addic7ed is undoubtedly among the most prolific and efficient on the market.

Very responsive, she translates most of the English-speaking series and also offers her translations free of charge to Internet users through her own site. Moreover, it is not limited to series and it also offers translations of films while covering quite a few different languages. English and French are part of it, but also Spanish, Portuguese or even German.

The only downside is that the site is not always very clear or very understandable and it would undoubtedly benefit from being revised.

The + of Team Addic7ed:

  • A wide choice of subtitles.
  • Lots of languages supported.

The – of Team Addic7ed:

  • A site not always very clear.
  • Sometimes unequal translations from one language to another.

Access the Addi7ed Team website

The OpenSubtitles site

3 Sites To Download The Subtitles Of Your Series And Your Movies 2

The home page of the OpenSubtitles website

This is undoubtedly the most famous address in the industry. OpenSubtitles.org is indeed an emblematic figure of the subtitle and it shines mainly by the richness of its content.

It does not actually stop at a particular genre, and it therefore offers translations for series, films and even animated.

Better yet, if his site has a slightly old-fashioned interface, it is still very pleasant to use and it allows you to define your preferred language in order to get straight to the point.

The advantages of OpenSubtitles:

  • A wide variety of content.
  • The possibility of choosing your preferred language.

The – of OpenSubtitles:

  • A slightly dated interface.

Access OpenSubtitles

The MovieSubtitles website

3 Sites To Download The Subtitles Of Your Series And Your Movies 3

The homepage of the MovieSubtitles website

Yet another big name in the genre. MovieSubtitles is indeed no longer to present and it occupies a place of choice among lovers of subtitles.

This success is due mainly to the quality of its translations, but also to the richness of its content. Be careful though, because it mainly focuses on movies. If you are more interested in series, then it will be better to turn to its companion site: TV Show Subtitles .

And again, you will find quite a few choices. Besides, MovieSubtitles and TV Show Subtitles are not limited to a particular language and you will find translations in English, French, German or even Russian.

The advantages of MovieSubtitles:

  • A wide choice of content and languages.
  • Quality translations.

The – of MovieSubtitles:

  • A little dated site.

Go to MovieSubtitles

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