3 tips about Internet and smartphone addiction

3 tips about Internet and smartphone addiction

Technology addiction is a growing problem that affects most people who have access to the Internet and / or own a smartphone. It can hurt people both mentally and physically and should be reduced as much as possible if you want to have a quiet and happy life.

What are the signs that warn us that we are addicted to technology

First of all, we can realize the problem we have depending on how much time we spend on the Internet or using a smartphone. If you spend more than 3-4 hours a day with your phone in your hand or browsing all kinds of sites, things are not very good. There are applications (pre-installed or not) that tell you exactly how much time you spent, so that you realize how much of a day you lose unnecessarily most of the time.

Another sign that warns us that we can not last too long without technology is the fact that we want to see immediately the notifications that appear on your phone / tablet / PC. And, of course, after reading our messages we enter other applications and so on. This increases the time spent with gadgets.

Have you noticed that lately you are giving less and less importance to those around you? Do you stay with friends and surf social networks at the same time? Are you watching a movie and reading your messages from the applications that allow instant chat? These are other signs that you have become addicted, and can affect you if you do not try to do something.

Did you ever forget your phone at home when you go out, leave it in another room, or give it to your girlfriend to call someone and look for it right away? Well, this happens to addicted people. It's as if you always feel the need to check your phone to see if someone hasn't looked for you or to go on the Internet to find out certain information.

These are the most common signs that can warn you that it's time to leave it easier. Why is it important to detach ourselves from technology? Because addiction can affect our lives, but also our relationships with those around us.

3 tips about Internet and smartphone addiction

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