4 alternatives to replace WhatsApp

The popular WhatsApp messaging app is currently at the center of the discussion after its latest privacy policy update. WhatsApp is asking its users to accept the new conditions which include the fact that some of their personal information will be shared with Facebook, the parent company.

This WhatsApp request does not really please its users who are concerned about the protection of their privacy. Many are thus seeking to stop using the application and turn to a more secure one. But if you really had to switch to another messaging app to protect your data, which could replace WhatsApp?

4 alternatives to replace WhatsApp
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Here is a list of 4 WhatsApp alternatives for those who think it would be better to move on.

1 / Signal

The Signal application is one of those that can be used to send written and voice messages, but also to make audio or video calls. It is compatible with Android and iOS, but also on desktop systems such as Windows, macOS and Linux, and has the particularity of using encrypted and secure communication. It was also developed with the aim of being the most secure messaging application possible.

In 2019, Signal was voted “the most secure and privacy-focused app ever” by Fast Company magazine. The European Commission even decided in 2020 to recommend the app to members of its staff for communications with people outside the organization.

So we can say that if we are looking for confidentiality and privacy, Signal seems to be a very good alternative. Throughout its history, those responsible for the app have disagreed with Facebook over the methods it uses on WhatsApp. Facebook monetizes the personal data of users of the messaging app.

To open an account, all you have to do is enter a telephone number which may be different from that of the chip used in the smartphone.

2 / Telegram

Telegram is also an instant messaging app that is currently being talked about as an alternative to WhatsApp. It is secure and hosted in a cloud and can be used on many platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. Created in 2013 by the Russians NikolaÏ and Pavel Dourov, Telegram allows you to send messages, as well as files such as images or videos or others.

The Telegram application, although secure, is still quite criticized by experts because its client part is free, but the server part remains the owner. This way of doing things is called "security by obscurity" by some cryptologists. Telegram also went through a rough patch especially in Europe as it was accused of having been used by terrorist groups because of encrypted communication.

Telegram has been censored in Russia since April 13, 2018 for refusing to provide the authorities with the keys to encrypt users' messages, but was finally unblocked on June 18, 2020.

To create a Telegram account, you must go through a verification by SMS or by phone call. However, you can send and receive messages using a pseudonym and thus avoid revealing your number.

Telegram also offers various options such as secret chats or self-destruct messages. In any case, it is also a choice to consider for those who want to replace WhatsApp.

3 / Dust

Dust also offers an encrypted messaging service for those seeking privacy. According to the app's website, Dust is a suite of digital security tools designed for private communications, web research, and identity theft protection.

Among the features of this App is the fact that deleted messages can no longer be recovered. It is also possible to erase messages on your phone, as well as on other people's phones directly on the application. There is also an end-to-end encrypted and anonymous ephemeral messaging option. As for research on the web, Dust promises completely private browsing without cookies, without traces and without tracking.

This application also allows you to check if their email has been breached in the past, and the user also receives alerts if there is a possible breach involving personal data.

For those who would like to try it, Dust can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the App Store.

4 / Threema

Threema app is an instant messaging app using end-to-end encryption. It is an app generally used in Europe, especially in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. According to reports, this is a service designed to protect the privacy and anonymity of users. It is also quite easy to open an account since there is no need to enter a phone number or even an e-mail address.

This is a tool for sending written messages or even multimedia content to Android or iOs systems, and considered by experts as a way to replace applications like WhatsApp or Facebook since it better respects the protection of users. personal data.

Among the features of Threema, there is for example the fact of being able to make voice and video calls apart from writing simple text messages and recording voice messages. You can use it to create polls with the polls feature. But the best part is that the parent company does not keep any of the messages since they are deleted from the servers as soon as they are received by the recipients.

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Note that WhatsApp said last night to postpone the update of its terms of use. Still, the occasion seems well chosen to discover what is being done a little elsewhere.

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