4 functions expected on WhatsApp in 2021

WhatsApp is establishing itself as the benchmark instant messaging service. Since its takeover by Facebook in 2014, the application has evolved a lot. WhatsApp is now the most widely used messaging service in the world with over 2 billion active users. And its success is not about to run out of steam.

On January 1, 2021, we learned through a statement released by the Facebook group that WhatsApp recorded historic highs during the New Year’s night. In fact, 1.4 billion audio and video calls were passed through the application that day. We can say that WhatsApp starts the year 2021 under the best auspices.

4 functions expected on WhatsApp in 2021
Photo by Alo Rivera – Pixabay.com

What is certain is that he does not intend to rely on his achievements. The service already provides a lot of surprises for its users. It starts with the introduction of new features that will be rolled out gradually throughout this year. If you are curious about what it is, we invite you to discover the 4 most awaited options on WhatsApp.

1 / Support for multiple devices

WhatsApp is a very practical application that allows you to stay in constant contact with your loved ones. It provides you with all kinds of features that aim to improve your experience and meet all your needs. However, if there is one thing that the application lacks is the ability to open an account on a new device, without having to disconnect it from the old smartphone. Due to this, user is always forced to open a new account every time they switch devices.

A few months ago, we learned that this will soon be just a bad memory. A source has indeed revealed to the WABetaInfo site that WhatsApp is working on an option that will allow the use of a single number to connect simultaneously on four different devices. This feature has many practical aspects.

For example, even if one of your devices is turned off or has no internet connection, well, you can fall back on the other smartphones that are connected to your WhatsApp account.

2 / Video calls on WhatsApp Desktop

Video calling has been available on the mobile version of WhatsApp for a few years. However, what should not be forgotten is that the application also has a PC version. And WhatsApp Desktop users also want to be able to enjoy video calling from their computer.

After years of waiting, it looks like the instant messaging service is about to make their wish come true. Also according to the WABetaInfo site, WhatsApp is actively preparing for the arrival of audio and video calls on its desktop version. It was the appearance of new icons on WhatsApp Desktop that caught the attention of users.

These icons represent a camera and a telephone handset. For now, this feature is still in the testing phase. This is confirmed by the presence of the mention “beta” on these two icons. It is important to point out that video and audio calls are already functional on WhatsApp Desktop. However, these options are only accessible to a handful of users who have been handpicked.

When they receive a call, they see a flying pop-up appear on their screen that displays the profile picture and the name of the contact trying to contact them. They will be able to accept the call, reject it or ignore it.

3 / The “read later” function

WhatsApp can be used for personal and business purposes. Those who use a single account for chatting with colleagues and family or friends must therefore learn to prioritize the messages they receive to avoid tangling brushes. The Facebook application will soon deploy a function that will allow you to manage your messages according to their degree of importance.

This is the option “Read later.” »It works more or less on the same principle as the vacation mode of WhatsApp, that is to say it will allow you to archive the messages that you do not consider important. However, unlike vacation mode, the “Read Later” function will no longer display archived messages on your home screen, even if you receive new notifications.

When WhatsApp launches this feature and you activate it, you will see a section called “Read Later” which groups together all the discussions you have archived. As can be seen in a screenshot taken by the WABetaInfo site, this section is accompanied by the following message: “To reduce interruptions, discussions with new messages will remain here and you will not receive any notifications. ”

This option will be very useful to easily prioritize your conversations.

4 / silent videos

This last feature is not the least and we can say that no one saw it coming. It was spotted by our colleagues from the WABetaInfo site. According to them, the instant messaging service is currently working on an option that will allow users to mute their videos before sending them to their contacts or posting them in their status.

This feature appeared on a beta update to Android version WABetaInfo has posted a screenshot on its site that shows us an overview of this new option. For now, it is still in the development phase, but should soon take its first steps on the messaging service.

As you can see, WhatsApp has really decided to spoil its users this year. As a reminder, the application began its transformation a few months ago . It started with the launch of an option that allows you to assign different wallpapers depending on the contacts. Then, she made it easier to access the stickers. Finally, it made available to users new backgrounds for dark and light modes.

Definitely, WhatsApp keeps reinventing itself and that is surely what makes its strength. Too bad, on the other hand, that Facebook does not show a little more flexibility regarding the way in which our data is used ….

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