4 new movies to discover on Netflix

With Netflix, it's never over! When you think you've seen it all, the streaming giant hastens to enrich its already full catalog! Between original productions and other added shows, Netflix always makes sure that its subscribers are never short of shows to watch.

On the film side, the platform has just added several new features that should make you happy this weekend. In fact, here is a selection of four new films that we particularly liked. On the menu: drama, family comedy and crazy action / adventure!

4 New Movies To Discover On Netflix
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Prepare the handkerchiefs, because "Penguin Bloom" tells the story of a mother whose life changes abruptly after a tragic accident. Samantha Bloom indeed has a fatal fall which leaves her legs completely paralyzed. And despite all the support from her husband and her three sons, she struggles to cope and gradually sinks into depression and resentment. Against all expectations, it is a little bird called Penguin who will help him to rebuild himself step by step …

Inspired by a true story, "Penguin Bloom" is a moving film, whose main character is carried by a Naomi Watts at the top of her form. The actress delivers a fair and truly touching performance, supported by Andrew Lincoln who embodies a husband overwhelmed by events.

“June & Kopi” is an Indonesian nugget that tells the story of a small family and their faithful furry companions. The film begins with a young couple who take in June, a stray dog. The latter quickly finds her marks and becomes very friends with the pitbull of the house, Kopi. The family then grows with the arrival of a little baby, with whom June and Kopi will be very close … and whom they will try to protect from all the little worries and vagaries of life.

This family drama / comedy by Noviandra Santosa is a lovely film that invites you to discover the joys of having a pet. The story highlights the importance of always taking care of it as a full member of the family, and the happiness that this brings on a daily basis!

Fancy some action? Fly to the fabulous Hawaiian lands with “Ohana or the Hidden Treasure”. This very nice film by Jude Weng (iZombie, Young Sheldon …) narrates the adventures of a brother and a sister who, on vacation with their grandfather, embark on a treasure hunt, in the hope of saving the modest family property from bankruptcy and foreclosure.

On the program: a crazy epic which is reminiscent of that of Richard Donner's Goonies… the film does not hesitate to place a few small references here and there, starting by including one of the Goonies actors in its casting (Ke Huy Quan). So if you fancy a good time of adventure and without the fuss, Ohana or the hidden treasure is for you!

Are you a fan of Ralph Fiennes? Find the 58-year-old actor in "The Dig", a dramatic film in which he aptly plays Basil Brownun: this amateur archaeologist is contacted by a wealthy widow (Carey Mullingan) to excavate his land. He then discovered a burial place and an old funeral vessel … Together, the archaeologist and his sponsor will have to face up against the men of the British Museum who want to monopolize the discovery.

It is with pleasure that we find Ralph Fiennes in a dramatic role. With Carey Mullingan, they form a beautiful tandem, all in emotion … and we can not help being wholeheartedly with them to thwart the petty plans of the big bad guys of the British Museum.

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