4 new movies to watch on Netflix

Nothing planned this weekend? Netflix is extending its arms to you with lots of new films that have just added to its already well-stocked catalog! True to its reputation, the streaming platform continues to make lots of new products to make its subscribers happy.

Drama, action or even historical film, once in, you will have no trouble varying the pleasures with the four new feature films that we are going to present to you today.

4 new movies to watch on Netflix

As a sympathizer or a member of the LGBT community, often coming out is one of the most difficult moments to face… and it is even more so when you are not very young and have lived a long life " straight ”!

This is precisely the theme that is addressed in "The Coming Out". The film focuses on the life of a septuagenarian who decides not only to come out, but also to marry her partner. This is without counting the repercussions that this could have on his family, in particular on the engagement of his little girl… A moving story which could well bring tears to your eyes, so plan the handkerchiefs!

Some people really went all the way down the ladder before they became "someone". This is precisely what it is about in “White Tiger”: the film follows the meteoric (and unexpected) rise of Balram Halwai, a poor penniless peasant, in Indian high society.

From a simple and naive driver, the latter has indeed managed to stealthily climb the ladder and become a rich entrepreneur in the face and beard of his employers.

It is with black humor that the hero tells his own story and makes us discover his journey strewn with pitfalls that he however managed to avoid thanks to a lot of cunning and ambition. A very successful adaptation of the best seller of Indian author Aravind Adiga, this film could well inspire you when you happen to lack confidence in yourself and / or in your dreams!

While waiting to find him in the Avengers, it's on Netflix that Anthony Mackie makes his fans wait! On the program: a good little action film with a lot of fighting, all against a backdrop of war with drones and machines. The story follows a young lieutenant who finds himself under the command of the mysterious Captain Leo (Mackie) to prevent a nuclear war.

He then discovers that his superior is actually an android and that he is not as flawless as it seems … The lieutenant then finds himself in the middle of a dilemma: listen to the man or the machine?

Well this is not a novelty per se, but the film has only recently been available on Netflix! “The Dark Hours” is a historical drama that chronicles Winston Churchill's early years as British Prime Minister and how he had to make difficult decisions to fight the Nazi invasion during World War II.

The character is played brilliantly by a majestic Gary Oldman, while the story transports us with emotion to the heart of British politics in the 1940s. You might not get over it, the film is so screaming with realism and sincerity about the murky and uncertain period that was hovering at that time.

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