4 series to discover on Netflix

The year 2021 is finally coming to an end and Netflix invites you to start it off on a high note with a whole bunch of new binge-watcher series! This week, we invite you to discover four original productions that have just landed on the platform.

4 series to discover on Netflix

On the program: an exciting documentary on swear words, a docu-series on the worst prisons in the world, but also a revisited version of the adventures of Arsène Lupine and finally, a brand new season for the crazy karate series, "Cobra Kai ".

Have you ever wondered about the origin of swear words? Like why is such or such an expression today considered insulting, even obscene? Well, Netflix has decided to address the issue with “The Story of Swear Words,” a docu-series that explores the origin of the most well-known English-speaking swear words: their history, but above all their impact on society.

Presented by Nicolas Cage at the top of his game, the series makes us discover with humor how words such as “fuck”, “bitch” or even “pussy” have become insulting expressions. You will be surprised to be quickly fascinated by all these revelations!

In films and series, we are shown that being in prison is really not a piece of cake. But have you always thought screenwriters tend to overdo it? Well “Inside the World's Toughest Prisons” brings us the proof in pictures that yes, some prisons are really terrible and that in some establishments, violence and intimidation really rule.

In this fifth season, find Raphael Rowe on a grueling journey through the world and during which the journalist, voluntarily imprisoned in the worst prisons, will experience the hard life that one leads there. You may well be shocked by what you will discover there!

Since the time that one speaks about it, “Lupine” is finally available on Netflix! As promised, the 10 episodes of the series breathe new life into the adventures of Arsène Lupine… but through a completely different protagonist who has a deep admiration for the famous burglar gentleman.

The series features the revenge of Assane Diop (played by Omar Sy) against a wealthy family who had his father put in prison 25 years ago, when the latter was innocent. To do this, the hero has developed a diabolical plan that involves burglaries, but also a mysterious book by Arsène Lupine having the power to grant him wealth and resources … Between mystery, action and humor, "Lupine" is a series that you will love devoured in one go.

In 2018, Netflix decided to continue the adventures of Johnny Laurence and Daniel LaRusso, two key characters in the famous “Karate Kid” franchise. Three years later and "Cobra Kai" comes back to us with a season 3 still as crazy and rich in action as the two previous ones.

We find the two enemies who ended up burying the hatchet. They still have lots of problems to settle between the students to help, the uncertainties as well as the shenanigans of some. In any case, the trailer promises 10 really thrilling episodes!

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