4 top brands that produce Dual SIM phones

4 top brands that produce Dual SIM phones

Find out which are the best companies that produce dual sim mobile phones, in order to easily choose a high-performance model that meets your requirements related to this device. In this article you will find a top with the best models currently produced.

If you have decided that you want to buy a dual sim mobile phone, see which brands you can rely on when shopping, to have quality assurance and also to pay a fair price. On the mobile phone market there are many no name products, which imitate the top products, but do not offer the same performance and not to be fooled, see which are the manufacturers you can rely on.


It is a Chinese company founded in 2013, which has subsidiaries and serves 34 countries, being recognized worldwide. The OnePlus 7 Pro model has conquered the market, thanks to its high-performance features and is in the top of many users' preferences, even if the price is a bit higher.

It has a 6.67 inch screen, with a very good, bright, OLED resolution and a refresh rate of 90 Hz, being optimized for a good quality of movies and games. It is also a very fast phone, with high writing speed, file access, high storage capacity, being with UFS 3.0 (the fastest standard) and 128 or 256 GB of storage.

It also has three rear cameras (8, 16 and 48 MP) and a 16 MP selfie camera, high security with fingerprint scanning on the screen, USB C port for data transfer and charging, as well as speakers quality for good listening (stereo with Dolby Almos technology).

4 top brands that produce Dual SIM phones

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