5 alternatives to Evernote

Evernote suddenly decided to change its pricing policy and terms of use. Now, the free version of the application is limited to two devices and this is obviously very problematic for people with several computers and several smartphones. The latter have no other choice but to turn to one of the subscription formulas offered by the company.

To make matters worse, these famous formulas have also seen their price increase and they are now offered at € 3.99 or € 6.99 per month depending on the solution chosen.

5 Alternatives To Evernote

Evernote's new pricing policy is catching your eye? There are alternatives.

If you can't afford to pay, then know that all is not yet lost. There are indeed several very valid alternatives on the market.

The following list is obviously not exhaustive. If you know of other tools that are worth a look, then nothing prevents you from leaving a small comment after the article.

5 Alternatives To Evernote 1

OneNote, a must.

Making this selection without mentioning OneNote would have been a serious mistake and it is quite logical because Microsoft's tool is undoubtedly one of the most complete of its kind.

Accessible online but also on all market platforms through several dedicated applications, OneNote is completely free and it is not limited to textual notes.

It recognizes the stylus and it will be perfectly possible to use it to store handwritten notes, drawings or even diagrams. Additionally, users can complement their notes with tables, images, links or even sound recordings.

OneNote therefore goes much further than Evernote and it also has the good idea of being perfectly integrated into Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

5 Alternatives To Evernote 2

Simplenote, simple and… unfortunately quite limited.

If you like simple and clean interfaces then you are going to love SimpleNote because it gets right to the point and thus focuses on the content of your notes.

It also has the good idea of being available on Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android or even Kindle Fire through several dedicated applications. And if you don't want to install anything on your computer or phone, then you can also go through the dedicated service.

Among the very practical functions, there is a tagging system, versioning and sharing options. On the other hand, Simplenote goes much less far in terms of content structuring and formatting. It is also not possible to integrate media into the notes and it must be admitted that this is a shame.

5 Alternatives To Evernote 3

On Google Keep, each note is represented by a tile.

Google Keep is pretty basic too, but it still goes a little further than Simplenote because it won't be limited to text notes. It will indeed be possible to record voice memos, lists or even images.

Better, to organize our notes more easily, we can rely on a system of categorization by color.

Practical, and it is not finished because if Keep is accessible online, through the dedicated service, it is also offered in the form of a mobile application on iOS or Android. It also works wonderfully with Google Now, if you want to know everything.

5 Alternatives To Evernote 4

Apple Notes, simple and effective… but reserved for apple crunchers.

Apple Notes is distributed in several different forms. It's accessible online through the iCloud portal, of course, but there are also several apps pre-installed on iOS and OS X.

Unfortunately, there are no versions for Android, Windows or Linux and this alternative is therefore mainly aimed at apple crunchers.

Without being as complete as an Evernote or a OneNote, the application is doing quite well and it is notably able to recognize all the usual formatting options. It will also be possible to store your notes in different folders and lock them.

5 Alternatives To Evernote 5

NeverNote, free and… austere.

NeverNote claims itself as a clone to Evernote. A free and open source clone.

It has the good taste of being available on the main platforms of the market (Windows, OS X and Linux) but it is unfortunately impossible to enjoy it on iOS or Android. In addition, there is also no web service to be able to find your notes in your browser.

It's really unfortunate and the interface also leaves something to be desired. Too bad, especially since this solution is rather complete.