5 arguments for usage of technology in order to save time on your work

5 arguments for usage of technology in order to save time on your work

The following section is for technology enthusiasts. We will analyze the various ways in which this has helped us, helps us and will help us save time. We discuss some of the most important aspects of daily life, in this regard, from transportation to food security, work, and bureaucratic and governmental organization.

Is time a precious convenience today? Some say yes, but others condemn the way people sacrifice much of the day for money at work, saying that such a lifestyle does not really capitalize on time. In any case, leaving aside the philosophical approaches, we will discuss in the following paragraphs the various ways in which technology has allowed us (or can allow us) more time savings.

We may also introduce some ideas that are currently inapplicable in today's society (such as food brought by drone to the window), but, in any case, we hope that the reading will arouse your interest in the field:


The biggest steps in 18-20 century technology have been made in transportation. From the steam engine to the Concorde supersonic passenger plane (now obsolete for several years), inventors and governments alike have worked hard to reduce transportation time.

Today, the influence of IT technology is the fastest growing aspect of transportation: we are convinced that you already know about the various car-sharing applications, which have revolutionized the way people get from A to B. But they are still based on cars. normal, either internal combustion or electric.

So what are the next steps that technological progress could help us save time? First of all, electric cars are becoming more accessible and faster. We know that a Tesla car can compete with a Lamborghini in acceleration, but such models are still beyond the purchasing power of the average person.

In any case, as in the case of the early evolution of combustion engines, we may see an accelerated development of the performance of electric cars – accompanied by a general cheapening, based on demand.

It would also be worth mentioning the air transport. Even if we do not see large-scale personal drones in the near future, airships may return to fashion. The giant flying machines, lifted from the ground with helium, can transport more people, in luxury conditions, compared to airliners, but of course, at much lower speeds.

The Netherlands has already launched a zeppelin called the Airlander 10, which, although withdrawn this year, has shown that there are reasons to revive this type of flying object lighter than air.

5 arguments for usage of technology in order to save time on your work

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