5 Best gaming computers in stock in 2021

The best gaming computers are those that have a powerful processor, usually i3-8100, i5-9400F or i7-9700 and a high-performance video card that can withstand complex games. The technical specifications must also include a large storage space, good random access memory, 8 GB of RAM being the minimum necessary to ensure a good operation of your favorite games, without crashes or interruptions.

A powerful desktop is still the safest source of performance in gaming, for an excellent framerate and an extremely short response time you need to invest a little, but that depends only on your wishes. If you are looking for a PC to play Dota 2, League of Legends, CS GO or Fortnite, then its specifications do not have to be extremely high to deliver a pleasant experience. If, instead, you are always looking for a new game, such as Triple-A, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Borderlands 3 or other great titles, then you need a top PC.

The most important components are the video card and the processor, they being the main focus when choosing a PC. The same applies if you build a Desktop from scratch, the price of parts purchased separately is much milder with the budget, but both the choice of components and the assembly of the PC requires the presence of an expert, because not all PC components are compatible with each other. if you have no experience at all, we recommend that you opt for an already assembled unit. But if you would be interested in assembling a PC, then be up to date with the new articles, as there are a few on this topic (video cards, processors)

If you have a busy schedule, and looking for all the information about the components seems daunting, but you still want to buy a PC, then take a look at our publishers' choices for the best gaming computers of the moment according to your needs. If you are looking a more mobile solution, but still want to be able to run games at maximum specifications, see also our list of the best gaming laptops .

Careful! Each PC in this list comes without a preinstalled operating system. Make sure you have where to get an operating system and / or help from someone who knows how to install it. There are also online tutorials, but if you are not sure, turn to a connoisseur.

The Best Gaming Computers in 2021

Desktop Gaming Serioux – Nea Pleasant Recommendation

Lenovo IdeaCentre 510-15ICB PC – Reduced Budget

Primal Gaming Pro V2 – Work and Play

Lenovo Legion T530-281ICB – Super Rapid

Lenovo Legion C530-19ICB – Premium


5 Best Gaming Computers In 2021

To reduce the price of the desktop, manufacturers make small compromises on components, either in the form of a processor or a video card from previous generations, so we find many models with different specifications and their prices are always varying. We had the pleasure to discover the Seruius SRX-594939FL Gaming PC which, in our opinion, offers the best value for money.

The source of compromises for this unit is neither the video card nor the processor, but the storage space. Since it doesn't have an SSD (much faster) but an HDD, but the good part is that in exchange for that extra speed offered by the SSD (in opening and operating programs) you get considerably more space, 1TB more precisely, enough to store as many movies and games as you want, without worrying about running out of time too soon. We believe that an SSD with little space will be more problematic over time than a 1TB HDD, especially if you play a multitude of games and not just a few titles.

The GeForce GTX 1660 video card with 6GB and the i5-9400F processor are an extraordinary duo that you can rely on, both components are capable enough to run any game of the moment with a nice framerate. CS GO and Fortnite with the maximum settings will offer on average over 100 fps, neither GTA V nor PUBG will create problems, with a few adjustments you will reach 60 constantly. Overwatch ran at an average of 100 fps, Dota 2 offered an average of over 100 fps with maximum settings, and League of Legends exceeded 160 fps.

The way this PC was designed is extremely satisfying, it gives us as much power as possible within the representative budget, the lack of an SSD is not a problem at all if you plan to use it just to play, various titles and not to work in demanding programs such as video editing. Coolers in the housing are welcome, overheating components shorten their life, so cooling methods are necessary for a longer period of use. Their presence in the construction of the unit is an additional sign that indicates the direction in which this desktop goes, as much power for as little money as possible, and both elements are perfectly balanced.


5 Best Gaming Computers In 2021 1

If you want to find a lower priced PC that runs less demanding games, then Levono IdeaCentre 510-15ICB may be the right fit for you. Although the processor is a bit weaker compared to market requirements, Fortnite, CS GO and Dota 2 can still be played on this system with a fps and satisfactory performance.

The compromise to which we owe the low price is the i3-8100 processor which although it can withstand the current requirements encountered in popular games, such as CS GO in which we obtained an average of over 90 fps, 89 fps we encountered in Dota 2 sessions, and over 120 in League of Legends. If your screen is not 144 Hz and has a refresh rate of 60, then any fps over 60 will always provide a smooth experience, you can increase the quality of the video settings in the game to a satisfactory fps, we recommend at least 10 fps over 60 , to be sure that it will remain higher even in the most intense moments.

The Nvidia GeForce 1050Ti video card is currently the minimum necessary for a pleasant experience in a game in general, we are of course referring to a pleasant appearance and a stable and high framerate. It could deliver enough power for larger titles but the processor has a maximum capacity quickly reached by demanding games. You'll be able to play World of Tanks with over 60 frames, but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or other games with open, large worlds require too much of the processor in the configuration. With small changes in settings Fortnite offered an average of 65 fps, and with a few more changes PUBG offered on average between 50-60 fps (settings for maximum performance) but we still encountered decreases in framerate in areas with many players and in some more demanding moments.

Levono IdeaCentre 510-15ICB allows you to play a variety of fashionable titles, new games are in exchange and will henceforth be quite a challenge for the processor, but the video card will be relevant for a long time. An investment in a newer processor after the warranty expires could turn this PC into an above average machine. Until then, if you're happy with the less demanding games and lower settings in the more difficult to play games, this Desktop can be a decent gaming partner with enough storage memory, 1 TB and 8 GB of RAM.


5 Best Gaming Computers In 2021 2

Primal Gaming Pro V2 features balanced components with no weaknesses that pull down the full potential. The video card and the processor are a force that can support games at a pleasant and stable quality. In addition to a 1TB HDD where you can store anything you want, it also comes with a 240 GB SSD, so you can install Windows and demanding programs like Photoshop or After Effects and enjoy an excellent response time.

Although not the latest generation, the i5-9400F processor still copes quite well with the challenges of the gaming world, even better than some i7s. It also has a fairly high working speed, and together with the SSD you have to deal with a versatile machine that can help you with the service, Primal Gaming Pro V2 being able to run games, but also many programs and open tabs. simultaneous. The 16 GB RAM provides enough space for a simultaneous deployment of several programs (compared to 8 GB RAM, which are fully occupied by PUBG when opened for example). Coolers keep temperatures under control, red LEDs are nothing new on the market.

The GeForce GTX 1050Ti video card is a perfect choice to stay within a reasonable budget, but still ensure decent performance in today's market. CS GO looks and works perfectly on maximum settings. Fortine also reaches over 60 fps, PUBG requires lower settings, but has a stable fps of 60. League of Legends, World of Tanks and Dota 2 do not create any difficulty, high settings and identical fps. This unit can also deliver juicier titles, with a few lower settings GTA V or The Witcher 3 offers a smooth ride at 60 fps. And titles that are more difficult to play will be able to be supported with the right adjustments.

If you are not interested in the speed and versatility offered by a larger storage space, you can also opt for the Primal Gaming Plus Desktop which offers at a slightly lower price, the same components except for the HDD, instead of the SSD- ul we only have a single 512 GB SSD, so over 400 GB available (eliminating how much the operating system takes up and a minimum required for a good deployment) that can be accessed quickly and without additional waiting times. If the extra storage space (over 1TB) doesn't make you smile and you have a summary list of your favorite games, then Primal Gaming Plus may be more appropriate.


5 Best Gaming Computers In 2021 3

Lenovo Legion T530-28ICB is trying to embody a powerful gaming rig, but still at a more decent price. The value brought by the i5-9400F and GTX 1660Ti is undeniable, all processes will be completed in the shortest time thanks to the 512 GB SSD. This PC can easily run any popular game, even newer titles after a few adjustments.

If I said earlier that the GTX 1050Ti is the bare minimum for a pleasant gaming experience, the GTX 1660Ti is more than enough. World of Tanks, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite, CS GO and PUBG do not present a challenge for this board, at maximum settings it has a stable fps of over 60 which slightly exceeds and 100 fps in many of previous titles. The 2.9 MHz i5-9400 processor, which can reach 4.1 MHz, satisfies the workload of current games. Although you may want an i7 instead, they are more expensive and offer in the current market a very small bonus of added value for the asking price. Over time an i7 will remain more relevant, but in the current scene, the i5-9400 is extremely satisfactory. The SSD provides short loading times and if you can work with less space (significantly less than a 1TB HDD), then the Lenovo Legion T530-28ICB is right for your needs.

Basically sacrificing a little storage space you get a better video card (compared to 1050Ti) and enough power from a processor with an optimal value for money, and enough RAM (16 GB) for any current and future game close (8 GB RAM is now the minimum required). If you want a leap in component quality, within a slightly higher but reasonable budget, then the Lenovo Legion T530-28ICB might be the right choice.


5 Best Gaming Computers In 2021 4

We had to include in the list a slightly more extravagant PC, all our choices were made and based on the price, we wanted them to be for everyone's budgets. Our choice for the premium model thus goes to a Desktop which, although it requires a considerably larger investment, guarantees a top performance and a longer duration of relevance.

If you are more tempted to choose a cheaper model, it is worth considering the duration of relevance. A PC that is only satisfactory will maintain this performance only in front of the games it can run, and new titles and appearances will require components (or component, if it is the result of a compromise, such as an older processor) far above measure. With the emergence of higher requirements and tailored specifications, many components will not keep up, but a stronger investment in a unit like Lenovo Legion C530-19ICB Gaming guarantees top gaming sessions for longer than a Desktop only " satisfactory". If you are always watching new games, you are a fan of a Triple-A series or you want to record when you play, then a stronger unit will serve your interests better.

We were impressed by the case of this model, extremely pleasant in appearance and quality, with 2 coolers built in, enough ports to connect a whole arsenal of peripherals and a rubber band behind the case that helps you keep the cables in order . You can access the interior extremely easily through a side panel, this allows you to modify parts without difficulty (if you have experience). But you won't have to do that too soon. We have enough storage space thanks to a 1TB HDD and a 512 GB SSD, so more than enough. Thanks to the SSD we can go through programs and their processes extremely fast. We find 16 GB of RAM, so any game can run easily and the recording software can keep up.

The best part? A 6GB GeForce RTX 2060 video card and a 3.0 MHz i7-9700 processor that can deliver up to 4.7 MHz. In other words, a duo with a nuclear power, extremely fast on the SSD rails that deliver without any difficulty an extremely clear and detailed gameplay at a steel stability. The maximum settings also had maximum results from the system in League of Legends, Dota 2, CS GO, WoT, WoW, Overwatch, Fortnite and not even PUBG managed to put it in difficulty; I increased the settings after each game and still saw a top framerate of over 110 fps. GTA V failed to drop the average below 90 fps, and neither Battlefield 1 nor The Witcher 3 managed to bring a low framerate, over 80 fps and 100 fps, respectively.

In short, from the gaming scene we can not find problematic actors for this Desktop. If you plan to create content, rest assured, the components are perfect for photo and video editing, and game recording is possible, but larger titles will force you to reduce the video settings for a stable experience. There are, of course, better models, but they deviate from the price limit we choose for the products on the list.

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