5 Bluetooth headsets suitable for smartphones

5 Bluetooth headsets suitable for smartphones

Rarely are there smartphone owners who do not use headphones for such devices. These are ideal for listening to music or watching all kinds of videos when you can't use your phone's speaker because you're bothering those around you.

Below we will present some types of headphones and what advantages / disadvantages they have when used for smartphones.

Bluetooth headset

Such a product is very useful for people who are used to talking a lot on the phone. It allows use even when you are behind the wheel and will help you have clear conversations, in the best conditions.

Such a headset has a single speaker and is easy to connect to the smartphone. It gives you the option to answer calls quickly, but also to end them.

When you want to buy such a device, choose one with the best range, a range that does not require extremely frequent charging, a small size and a shape as comfortable as possible for you.

Some headphones of this kind are very popular because they have an LED indicator that shows when you receive a call, if you do not have the device in your ear, say the name of the person calling you, if it is in the agent, warns you when the battery runs out, etc.

In-Ear headphones

These articles are the most common. They are small in size and can have multiple shapes. Some have a wire that holds the speakers together, others are placed behind the ear, using a special system.

In-Ear headphones are very popular because they take up little space and you can always have them with you. They generally have a fairly high autonomy and can have a lot of colors, which are more or less interesting.

Regarding the control you can have over the smartphone, many models allow you to receive calls, play songs, pause them or control the volume. This is done with the help of a wired device, which usually includes the necessary microphone to be able to talk.

5 Bluetooth headsets suitable for smartphones

AirPods headphones

These types of headphones are becoming more common. They belong to Apple and can be easily charged via a special device. They come with a box for loading / storage, they have a fine and elegant design and they are simply inserted in the ears, without having any thread.

These headphones are compatible with iPhones, but also with other Apple-branded gadgets, allow quality sound and have a very good autonomy (5 hours of playback, 3 hours of talk time). They also have a fast charging function, which means that after 15 minutes they will offer a battery life of up to 3 hours.

Headphones of this kind cost quite a lot, which is why for some it is a financial investment that they can not afford. Given that they are not tied by any thread, they can be quite easy to lose, if you are not careful or if you do not leave them in the box when you no longer use them.

On-Ear headphones

Such headphones are a common choice for people who listen to music on the street or for those who do sports. They are not extremely powerful in terms of sound, because the noise cancellation is done only from the present technologies, not from the size of the speakers.

On-Ear Bluetooth headsets often have buttons to control various functions (volume, media, etc.), but initially, they may seem quite difficult to access due to their positioning on the cups. But over time, you will get used to it and everything will be simpler and faster.

Over-Ear Castes

If you don't want to hear traffic, gym music, roommates, TV in the living room, and so on, Over-Ear models could be a good buy. They connect easily to your smartphone and will insulate the background noise very well, if of course they are quality.

For these devices, the speakers are placed over the ears, covering them completely. They often have control buttons on the cups, which will be very useful, even if in the first phase they will seem more difficult to access.

5 Bluetooth headsets suitable for smartphones

Aspects to be taken into account for such acquisitions

It's not so easy to buy a Bluetooth headset ( here we propose our comparative list ) for the smartphone you have, which is why we'll talk a little about a few other aspects that may matter, besides the type.

First of all, you need to make sure that what you buy will be compatible with your smartphone. Don't waste money before informing yourself about this. For example, AirPods only work on the iPhone. Compatibility with mobile devices is usually specified for each product.

As mentioned above, it is important to choose options that allow you to control various applications of the system. It is very useful to be able to answer directly from the headphones, to change the song or to increase / decrease the sound intensity.

Another thing that matters is the battery life, but also the duration required for a charging cycle. Such data will be specified on the acquisition site, in order to make an informed choice. If you are always in a hurry and it often happens that you forget to leave your headphones loaded, the fast charging function could be very helpful.

Before heading to one model or another, don't forget to take into account the budget you have at your disposal. We cannot say that In-Ear devices, for example, are more expensive than Over-Ear or On-Ear devices, because in all categories you will find various prices, depending on the brand that manufactures them, sound quality, range, autonomy or other functions.

Analyze well the possibilities you have and think about the advantages and disadvantages that each model offers you. Once you have decided and know exactly what you want, online stores will offer you enough products to be able to choose the right one for your smartphone.

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