5 facts from the history of drones evolution

The history of drones might seem interesting to you, because it contains information about the first steps taken in the direction of these devices, but also about how they were used in the beginning. At the same time, it will be useful to know when modern drones appeared and what they are capable of doing today.

The word drone is not one chosen at random, but is an acronym in English (Dynamic Remotely Operated Navigation Equipment), which in Romanian translates as Dynamic Remote Teleoperated Navigation Equipment. Such a device is a gadget that can fly without a pilot, being controlled from a distance.

If you are passionate about this field and you like to fly drones or you intend to do so, you may find it interesting what we want to tell you in the following, because we will talk about some things related to the history of unmanned aerial vehicles. .

The first drones in the world

The history of these devices begins in 1907, when Louis Breguet designed a four-rotor helicopter. It rises only a few meters above the ground and flew several times during 1908.

Later, towards the end of the First World War, between 1917 and 1918 the first unmanned vehicles were built, which aimed to send flying bombs at enemies.

5 facts  from the history of drones evolution

Another interesting invention for this field was No.2, created by Etienne Oehmichen, in 1920. It had four rotors and eight propellers, positioned so as to provide the best possible stability. In 1923 it was reported that he managed to stay in the air for a few minutes, and in 1924 he managed to make the first flight, which was about 1 kilometer.

The Bothezat helicopter was another attempt on the road to what drones mean nowadays. It was an invention that belonged to George de Bothezat and Ivan Jerome and was distinguished by the fact that it had rotors with six propellers. He made his first flight in 1922 and by the end of 1923 had about 100 flights.

In the interwar period, inventors and researchers continued to try to develop this field and made several types of vehicles that were controlled by radio frequencies. They were used to train military personnel.

The year 1943 is very important in the history of these gadgets, because the first remotely controlled weapon is used – FX-1400, which managed to sink German military ships in World War II.

Also for the war, unmanned flying vehicles were used during the 1960s, during the Vietnam War, where they aimed to mislead enemies, acting as false targets or helping to launch missiles.

What were drones used for in the past?

As you may well have noticed, the original purpose for which these devices were created was to be used during wars, to destroy enemies, and to mislead them.

5 facts  from the history of drones evolution

The first modern drones

The era of modern drones begins in 1982, in the war between Israel and Syria, when the Israelis used such devices to land the Syrian fleet. In addition, their army managed to more easily establish the position of the enemies, block their communications and lead them on the wrong tracks.

After this event, the United States began investing heavily in drones since 1984.

After the unfortunate situations of September 11, 2001, the Americans began to use these gadgets to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan and use them today, but they are of course much better.

The year 2006 marks the beginning of the era of civilian drones, now being registered the first commercial permit for such devices.

The first drone controlled entirely by wireless

What we use today in all kinds of situations is mainly wireless controlled drones. The first model of this kind was launched in 2010 and belonged to a French brand, Parrot. The Parrot AR Drone was controlled entirely by wi-fi, with the help of a smart mobile phone.

In 2013, Amazon comes up with a new concept, namely the delivery of packages using these gadgets.

2016 is the year in which DJI Phantom 4 appears, a very modern drone, which was able to provide intelligent surveillance algorithms, to avoid obstacles, to follow a certain target or to take pictures.

What are drones used for today?

Today we can enjoy devices that we would not have thought of until a few years ago. We have on the market all kinds of gadgets, from mini-drones, which pose and film at an incredibly good quality (4K, 8K), to large devices, used in agriculture and search missions.

5 facts  from the history of drones evolution

Today's drones are able to cope successfully in all sorts of cases and we mention some of the most common: surveillance; national security; hunting and poaching; landslides; fires; inspection of buildings, constructions, oil and gas pipelines, etc.

These gadgets have more and more interesting functions (360 degree rotation, return to base, target tracking), are able to see very well at night or detect human body temperature and continue to grow steadily, being without a doubt the technology of the future.

In our country, they are most often used by photographers, by people who want to gather photo-video memories in a unique way. But they are also part of the equipment of those who deal with rescue and search or security missions, but also of farmers who can afford to invest a lot in this field.

If you also want to buy amini drone or a classic version, of larger dimensions, which you can use for various purposes, you can do this online, from a lot of sites. However, keep in mind that the piloting of such a gadget must be done in accordance with the legal provisions, and you can find correct information in this regard on the website of the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority.

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