5 portable bluetooth speakers with best bass

The best portable speakers spread the sound 360 degrees, without distortion, offering a quality hearing. In addition to powerful speakers and water resistance, the best portable speakers have a lifespan between charges of at least 5 hours, with a charging time of less than an hour.

The best portable speakers are a stylish solution to enjoy quality sound wherever you are. A portable speaker is the best way to take your music with you to picnics, the sea, the mountains and outdoor or just garden adventures. Moreover, all the best portable speakers in this article sound as good as many of the wired speakers you can buy today.

An important criterion in choosing a portable speaker is the musical power that you find expressed in watts. For example, a portable speaker can have up to 50 watts and gives you the opportunity to use it in a large room. If you plan to use the device in smaller rooms or at a smaller picnic than the number of people, you can also target 10-watt models. The smaller pocket speakers are around 3-5 watts.

Our team has considered no less than 130 Bluetooth speakers over the years, giving us hundreds – if not thousands – of listening hours. We used these speakers at home, at work and outdoors, so when we say that Tribit 360 ° is a must-have for most people, we are talking about experience. If that's not right for you, we've considered five great alternatives, including the JBL Flip 4, JBL GO 2, and Wonderboom Ultimate Ears. Each of them stands out for certain qualities. We are convinced that you will find, among the following, the product perfectly adapted to your needs.

The Best Portable Speakers in 2021

Tribute MAXBOOM – Nea Pleasant Recommendation

JBL FLIP 4 – Durable

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM – Waterproof / Ultra Portable

JBL GO 2 – Cheap / Low Budget

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 – With Strong Bass


Tribute MAXBOOM – Nea Pleasant Recommendation

5 Best Portable Speakers In 2021

Tribit 360 ° (also sold under the name MaxBoom) is the best portable speaker as it has almost everything most people would want from a portable Bluetooth speaker. It doesn't have many extra features – such as a dedicated app, tone-assist buttons, lighting or alarm function – but it offers a longer Bluetooth range than most of its competitors.

The ability to connect two 360 ° Tribits for stereo sound is a very good feature, often found only in significantly more expensive portable speakers. Battery life is over nine hours. The speaker is small enough to take it almost anywhere you want to go.

This device has the Smart Assistant function which, together with the advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology, offers you the possibility to connect easily and in a very short time to any other device. With this function you can change the songs in the playlist via Siri, Alexa (Amazon) or the Google Assistant.

The musical power is 24 watts, a value that allows you to enjoy music in a larger room. In addition, you can operate the speaker from a distance of up to 10 meters.

Our editors were especially impressed by the full, balanced sound provided by Tribit 360 °, ideal for faithful playback of the full range of audio frequencies. Moreover, it is classified IPX7, ie it can be submerged up to 1 meter deep in water for 30 minutes, without damage. The box floats, so it will survive if it is dropped in a pool or a boat.

Overall, especially considering the price of the speaker, we consider Tribit 360 ° as the ideal option for most customers looking for a versatile speaker.


JBL FLIP 4 – The Best Durable Portable Speaker

5 Best Portable Speakers In 2021 1

JBL Flip 4 is the best durable portable speaker. It fits perfectly with the requirements of those who want to have fun when going to sea. It is a waterproof model, and durability is one of its strengths.

The Flip 4 speaker is classified IPX7, which means that it can be submerged in water up to a maximum depth of 1 meter and for a maximum of 30 minutes, so as not to damage it. The battery life, although not extraordinarily impressive, being estimated at 12 hours, is more than enough for listening to music for a whole day.

In terms of sound quality, at this price, you will certainly not get an acoustics with pretensions worthy of an audiophile. However, it is strong enough and manages to do so without overloading the low or high frequencies, which says something. All this, for a relatively cheap portable speaker, makes Flip 4 a very good choice.

The 16-watt power and the maximum operating distance of up to 10 meters allow you to use the device in a relatively small room, so that the sound can cover the entire surface. The disadvantage is that the two speakers are located on the sides, which reduces the stereo effect of the sound.

An advantage is the ability to connect the speaker to two smartphones or tablets simultaneously. You can also use Siri or the Google Now app to change / search your favorite songs.


5 Best Portable Speakers In 2021 2

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom features Bluetooth mini speakers that, unlike most speaker models that often suffer from poor sound quality and low volume, defy this trend, moreover, it is a waterproof speaker, capable of floating.

While the bass's performance isn't quite up to the level of the JBL Flip 4 , in this case it's shockingly good considering the small size of the speaker. Ultimate speakers are known to be minimalist in design, and Wonderboom is no exception. With only two buttons – to increase the volume up / down – there is not even a visible indicator of the battery. Instead, you will receive an audio message with three different tones. However, it is difficult to find inconsistencies in the sound, durability, size and price of the Wonderboom.

This speaker is not just waterproof. It was later created and tested to withstand shocks and falls. Be careful, however, that the maximum distance from which you can escape the speaker without damaging it is 1.6 meters. In addition, this feature gives you the opportunity to attach the bike device, backpack or a bag, which contributes to the loop it has, which is just as durable.

Although the battery has a lifespan of only 10 hours, we consider it a sufficient value for unforgettable parties. If, however, you are thinking of taking it with you somewhere on a trip, you need to keep in mind that you need to recharge it. Also, the maximum operating distance is 10 meters.


JBL GO 2 – Best Cheap / Low Budget Portable Speaker

5 Best Portable Speakers In 2021 3

JBL GO 2 comes in several color options and now has slightly rounded corners. It is also completely water resistant, with an IPX7 rating (it can be completely submerged in water at a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes).

Water resistance is one of the most important features of this portable speaker, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the performance of the device even when you go to the pool or the sea, but not more than one meter deep and 30 minutes . The musical power is 3 watts, which means that the sound emitted by this speaker can cover a small room.

While the speaker is a little heavier, it is very similar to the original (JBL GO) and is designed for maximum portability. The speaker requires little space in a backpack, in a laptop bag and will fit in a lot of pockets. Battery life is rated at 5 hours at moderate volume levels (which is not high).

At the top of the speaker, you'll find volume controls, a pause / play button, and a dedicated Bluetooth button to pair the speaker with your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. A 3.5 mm audio input and Micro-USB charging port (takes two and a half hours to charge the speaker) are hidden under a gasket on the right. Overall, GO 2 is a good option, with strong enough bass and clear treble. Ideal for someone looking for a speaker under 150 lei, JBL Go 2 is the best cheap portable speaker


Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 – Best Powerful Portable Speaker

5 Best Portable Speakers In 2021 4

Ultimate Ears has spent most of the last decade developing some of the best, good-looking, rugged portable Bluetooth speakers on the market, and there's no product that better embodies this ethos than the Megaboom 3 .

It should come as no surprise that we have included it in our list of top portable speakers. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Megaboom 3 speaker is the quality of construction and its ability to meet the challenges of everyday life. It has a specially designed fabric that can withstand the abuse to which a portable speaker is subjected, while being resistant to water and dust. The speaker can even be submerged in water up to one meter for 30 minutes.

Battery life can be up to 20 hours between recharges, making the Megaboom 3 a perfect portable speaker. The operating distance of up to 45 meters also contributes to the performance level of the device, which means that you can use the speaker even in larger spaces. The device projects the sound around it in a 360-degree radius, easily filling the listening space with your favorite songs. With vibrant highs and authoritative bass, this speaker competes even with many non-portable options when it comes to fidelity. If you are looking for a new portable sound standard, Ulimate Ears offers you a very good solution.

An advantage is the possibility to download a compatible application with which you can have control over the on / off and alarm programming functions.

Questions and answers

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Portable speakers offer a comfortable and efficient solution for those looking to enjoy quality sound wherever they are thanks to ergonomic designs and wireless connections. With all the options available on the market, it can be daunting to choose the best model. Below are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing the best portable speaker for your style.


Many companies have developed ultra-light and compact Bluetooth speakers that will fit in any luggage. You can take them wherever you want, without having to worry about transporting them. If your intention is to have a portable speaker that you can take with you wherever you go, choose one no larger than 15 cm. However, keep in mind that in general, the larger the portable speakers, the better the audio quality. Moreover, larger speakers may have a larger battery for longer use.

Audio quality

Obviously, we all want our bluetooth speakers to sound as good as possible. Frequency response is one of the most important factors. Some speakers sound better than others, and this is often the result of a much better frequency response. The figures include the highs and lows that the speaker is able to reproduce without distortion. The ideal frequency range is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, this being the frequencies between which the human ear can perceive sound. The 20 Hz point is the low frequency (meaning a very deep bass) and 20 kHz the high frequency (very sharp highs).

The power

Not all Bluetooth speakers have this parameter specified. When declared, it is administered in watts. Be sure to look at the RMS power as this indicates the actual number of watts the speaker has. Often low-quality speaker manufacturers will try to be stringy and declare the maximum power, a number that does not reflect anything about the actual power of the speaker. A higher RMS value equates to a more powerful speaker. A stronger speaker can not only emit more sound, but can emit the same level of sound as a weaker one, but at a much higher quality.

In terms of power, you will also want to pay attention to the number of decibels of the speaker (DB). Decibels are measured on a logarithmic scale, so their increase is exponential. A good rule of thumb is that for every 3 extra decibels, a speaker gets twice as loud, which means that a 97db speaker is twice as loud as a 94db one.


Check the durability of the product by reading the reviews before buying. If you still happen to lose things or consider yourself clumsy, it would be useful for the speaker you choose to be made of aluminum, a material that is stronger than ordinary plastic. Thus, if you hit it, it may deform a little, but it will not break completely. In addition, if durability is an issue, it can't be wrong to check the IP rating of your device. We discussed IP ratings in a previous answer , but all you need to know is that the higher the number, the better the speaker will withstand dust, water and falls.


Regarding the cost of portable speakers, the most expensive speaker is not necessarily the best. Don't blindly buy expensive Bluetooth speakers. These are electronic products that are prone to damage. Do a little research, compare prices, models and technical specifications, and only then choose the speaker according to your needs.

Connectivity & Range

There are 4 types of connections found on portable speakers: bluetooth, wifi, NFC and USB cable. The first three options do not involve a physical connection, which is ideal for a portable speaker. There are quite a few differences between them but the most important thing to know is that the best sound and the longest range is offered by wifi, bluetooth offers the best value for money, and NFC is the easiest (and expensive ) option of the 3.

Battery life

No one wants to recharge a portable speaker every hour. Small speakers tend to have smaller batteries that don't stay charged as much as larger ones, which you can expect from 24 hours of battery life! The typical range of autonomy is somewhere from four to ten hours, depending on its size. Moreover, the autonomy will be influenced by the volume at which you listen to music, because the louder the volume, the more current the speaker will use to move more.

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Choosing the best waterproof speakers is essential if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether it’s a pool, beach, camping or just a little relaxation in your backyard, finding a portable speaker that can handle the elements will make the difference between listening to your favorite songs and the stress of replacing a speaker that no longer works. it works.

That being said, we've put together the best models based on sound, price, design and connectivity. Not only are these devices rainproof and suitable for swimming pools, but they are also the best waterproof speakers on the market.

The Best Portable Waterproof Speakers:

Of course, waterproofing is not the only thing we have taken into account in the process of creating this list. We took into account factors such as sound quality, price and set of features, which helped establish a set of criteria with which we could measure and compare hundreds of portable waterproof speaker models.

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The best portable speakers will allow you to connect your music player without the need for cables. To do this, you just need to pair your device with your speakerphone using one of the existing connection technologies: a wireless network (wifi), Bluetooth, or the latest technology: NFC (Near Field Communication).

Many portable speakers use a Wi-Fi network to connect to your phone or computer. This type of connection provides high-quality sound beyond Bluetooth. Another great advantage of wifi is the increased range of the signal. Via wifi the sound can be transmitted up to 30 meters (compared to the standard 10 meters offered by Bluetooth). However, a wifi network has its disadvantages, such as the need for an initial configuration that can be complicated for those less familiar with the technology. Moreover, on the beach or at the top of the mountains there are no wifi networks and then you may not be able to connect the speaker (if it does not have other types of connections)

If what you are looking for is the comfort of a speaker that is easy to set up and take with you, without a doubt the best option will be a portable Bluetooth speaker. If you go out with friends, to the beach or to the pool, you are on the terrace of your house, having a dinner, having a barbecue or watching a concert on the tablet, portable Bluetooth speakers will allow you to enjoy a sound with the greatest ease .

Another type of technology is NFC. This is the easiest of all, but also the most expensive. Simply by bringing the speaker closer to the device you want to broadcast for a second or two, they will connect automatically. Of course, both devices need to have the NFC system. One such speaker is the Sony SRSXB31R .

In addition, some speakers have the ability to pair with a second stereo speaker. If stereo sound is important, then this is a feature worth investigating and putting on the "wish list", as there are quite a few speakers that do.

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Portable speakers with built-in radio are of two types: analog radio speakers (FM / AM) and online radio speakers (with internet). Analog radio offers better sound quality because the signal is transmitted over a much smaller area than internet radios. The downside is that you have to be within range of an transmitting antenna.

If you want to listen to internet radio, there must be some kind of radio application pre-installed on your device, or you will need to download and install such radio application on your own. Some radio stations broadcast their own online versions, others will need a separate third-party application. Internet radio stations cannot be played if you do not have internet access, but for many they are very useful because they provide access to your favorite radio station no matter where you are.

If a portable speaker with built-in radio is what you are looking for, below we have listed some of our favorite models, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Best Portable Speakers with Built-in Radio:

For more options you can also consult our article on the best portable speakers .

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