5 top 4k tvs for all games to play with friends

The best 4K TVs combine hi-tech color rendering features and an impressive sound system, providing a much more captivating viewing experience. Regardless of size, the best 4k TVs have a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz and have at least 2, 3 input-output ports.

TVs with 4K displays are becoming the norm, given the growing number of streaming services available, more and more game consoles running 4K games and 4K Blu-rays available to collectors. With all the ways to get 4K content today, you will need a TV that meets the requirements. And it's not like you have no choice. But how do you know which one is best for you?

We've looked at dozens of 4K TV models to find the best ones for your needs. Maybe you're looking for the perfect picture at no cost or maybe you're on a tight budget. Whatever your needs, these five TV models are some of the best right now. Find our list of the best 4K TVs below.

The Best 4K TVs in 2021

Sony Bravia X900F 4K – Nea Placut Recommendation

Sony Master Series A9F 4K – Premium Quality

LG C8-Series 4K – OLED

Samsung NU730 4K – Curved

LG UK6470 4K – Reduced Budget


5 Top 4k Tvs For All Budgets

Sony makes some of the best 4K TVs on the market, and this smart 139cm model is a very good offer when it comes to screen size vs. price. Together with a super-precise 4K resolution, the Sony X900F smart TV has Motionflow XR technology that offers a refresh rate of 120 GHz to eliminate any trace of screen-tearing and image lag.

With Ultra HD and HDR technology, this TV will be the perfect partner for your PlayStation 4 Pro 4K console. As for smart capabilities, the Sony UHD TV has built-in Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity and is compatible with both Google Assistant and with Amazon Alexa. You have easy access to the Google Play app store, and you can view your favorite entertainment content right out of the box.

If what you want is the best 4k TV, without you being interested in extra features, curved screens and you are willing to pay for quality then the X900F is the TV for you!


5 Top 4k Tvs For All Budgets 1

Sony's A9F Master Seris 4K TV is the best 4K TV if not the best TV I've ever seen, taking advantage of the company's X1 Ultimate image processor to deliver the best HDR images in the world. class. In fact, when we first saw the A9F Master Series in person, we couldn't help but stare in amazement. It's so good.

Through a close relationship with Dolby and IMAX, Sony has managed to push the boundaries when it comes to 4K HDR. A9F is one of the few TVs that comes with IMAX Enhanced, a form of HDR that optimizes Hollywood movies to provide accurate color, dazzling detail and fantastic contrast, as intended by the director.

That sounds good if the movie you're watching was HDR encoded, but what happens when you review it with a classic, like The Godfather? Well, the aforementioned X1 Ultimate processor will take care of that, raising it to a 4K Ultra HD resolution, with re-mastering thrown into the mix for an HDR effect.

You shouldn't have too much trouble finding something to watch, either in 4K HDR, 4K Ultra HD, or even Full HD. This is because the Master Series A9F comes with the integrated Google Android operating system – a one-stop shop for all major streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, DirecTV, Hulu and Netflix.

It's not uncommon to find an Android device that hasn't been infused with Google Assistant, and Master Series A9F is no exception. It has the same version as the LG C8 Series, allowing you to control both the TV and the rest of the smartly connected hardware in your home using your voice.


5 Top 4k Tvs For All Budgets 2

LG C8-Series is the best 4K TV if what you are looking for is a 4K OLED TV. Its mixture of vivid colors and obsidian black ensures that it cannot be beaten in the contrast department. Boasting many of the latest HDR standards – including Dolby Vision, Hybrid Log Gamma and HDR10 – and the LG Alpha 9 processor, which ensures that even HD and FHD content are presented at 4K Ultra HD resolution, the C8-Series is a TV of note 10.

The C8 Series Brain is LG's smart webOS software, which hosts a range of on-demand streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, DirecTV, HBO Go, Hulu and Netflix. This translates into an almost infinite catalog of content, available at the touch of a button or by voice command. Yes, you got it right – the C8 Series has a built-in virtual assistant for content exploration.

More specifically, it's the Google Assistant. It can do more than just find an episode of Game of Thrones. In fact, Google Assistant is without a doubt the most advanced virtual assistant ever included in a TV. He is able to search the internet for answers to questions, scan through applications to find content and control smart devices in the house.

There is no doubt that you will pay quite a lot for the LG C8, but for those who really need to have the best TV of the moment, there is no other option. The OLED screen and the brain of the webOS operating system are brilliantly combined in a TV that is worth the investment.


5 Top 4k Tvs For All Budgets 3

If you want an ultra-curved TV with a large diagonal but without being exaggerated for your home, this 138cm smart TV model from Samsung – the leader in the UHD curved TV industry today – is a great choice. This curved 4K TV option boasts a true Ultra HD color spectrum with HDR compatibility for a great image, along with the backlighting of the LED screen.

Three HDMI ports allow you to connect external streaming speakers, Blu-Ray players and game consoles, while built-in smart functionality makes streaming very easy. Older video formats are also scaled; although they won't really be 4K, your old content will look better and clearer than before.

It is not the largest Samsung smart TV in the group, but at the current selling price of only 2,500 LEI, the 2019 Samsung 55NU7302 is one of the best 4K UHD deals you will find on an ultra HD curved TV. If you are looking for a smart 4K Ultra HD TV that will really appeal to you, a curved HDR model is the way to go. All this makes the Samsung 55NU7302 the best curved 4k TV.

Moreover, if you feel the need for a larger model, the 163 cm version is also available for sale for 3,800 LEI.


LG UK6470 4K – Best Cheap 4K TV

5 Top 4k Tvs For All Budgets 4

The UK6470 from LG is the best cheap 4k TV of the moment. A 4K UHD smart TV that boasts the latest version of LG WebOS. The TV serves as a smart hub for streaming all your favorite content and is Alexa compatible, so you can sync it with your smart home ecosystem.

Enjoy seamless playback of fast-moving content with TruMotion 120, a technology that ensures you enjoy all moments without stuttering and screen-tearing, from the final seconds of a tense scene to the final phase of the match .

With a sleek design and slim casing, this smart TV model looks stylish all around, whether it's mounted on a wall or placed on a stand. The large number of ports allow you to easily connect to all types of content, whether from a local device or via Bluetooth or wireless. Of course you will not benefit from any super revolutionary technology, but if all you want is a quality smart TV with an intuitive menu and a very good image quality then this LG UK6470 is what you are looking for.

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