5000-year-old crystal dagger discovered

Between 2007 and 2010, a team of researchers from the University of Granada, the University of Seville and the Superior Council of Spanish Research carried out research in a megalithic tomb of Montelirio tholos, located in the southwest of the 'Spain. This excavation led them to the discovery of a 5,000-year-old crystal dagger. On top of that, they found 16 arrowheads and tools for crafting weapons.

Following this discovery , the experts carried out studies to find out more about their findings. The results of their research have been published in the journal Quaternary International. According to their hypothesis, this crystal dagger would have belonged to a person of high rank.

5000-year-old crystal dagger discovered
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Indeed, the place where the dagger was found is far from the crystal mines. This suggests that its owner paid a sizable sum to obtain this material and to have the weapon built.

A sacred dagger?

According to the researchers, the crystal would have had great symbolic significance at the time. People from high society used this stone to gain vitality or, according to beliefs, to obtain magical powers. This crystal dagger could therefore have been used in the performance of certain rituals.

This weapon has an ivory wrist. For the experts, this is one more element which proves that this dagger belonged to the elite of the time.

“The association of the blade of the dagger with the ivory wrist, which is a material which does not come from this region and which must have been of great value, strongly suggests the high status of the person who used this object. "

Proof of great know-how

The finishes of this crystal dredge suggest that it was made by people who demonstrated great know-how.

“The making of the crystal dagger must be the fruit of an accumulation of empirical knowledge passed down from generation to generation and of skills resulting from the production of flint dagger blades. "

According to experts, the size of the dagger suggests that it was made from a single block of crystal about 8 inches long and 2 inches thick. Apart from this weapon, the researchers found the remains of 25 individuals.

They revealed that some of them died of poisoning.

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