6 best bluetooth headsets for working from home

The best bluetooth headphones are those models of headphones that offer quality sound, are comfortable, have a strong bluetooth signal and have an enviable price-quality ratio.

Over time, I've reviewed hundreds of headphones, and after factoring in things like comfort, audio quality, battery life, and noise cancellation, I've come to the conclusion that the Sony WH-1000XM3 is simply the best headset. Bluetooth that you can buy – despite their high price.

If the Sony WH-1000XM3 is n't right for you, whether you're looking for an in-ear headset or a more affordable pair, don't worry. We searched for five of the best Bluetooth headsets you can buy, covering a variety of prices and styles for different circumstances of use; all this to make sure you can enjoy good music wherever you go.

The Best Bluetooth Headphones in 2021

Sony WH-1000XM3 – Hi-Fi

Jabra Elite Active 65t – Sport / True Wireless

Anker SoundBuds Curve – Reduced Budget / In-Ear

Sony WH-CH500H – Low Budget / Over-Ear

Plantronics M70 – Handsfree

HyperX Cloud Flight – Gaming


Sony WH-1000XM3 – The Best Bluetooth Hi-Fi Headphones

6 Best Bluetooth Headsets In 2021

Sony makes absolutely incredible wireless noise canceling headphones, the WH-1000XM3S being the latest proof of this fact. The WH-1000xM3 is actually an improved multi-plane version of the WH-1000X.

Under the ultra-soft, eco-leather ear cups, WH-1000XM3 contains two dynamic 40mm drivers that bring both movies and music to life, with amazing and warm details. The headphones offer excellent instrumental separation, with a strong bass response, adapted to the precise performance of the low and high registers.

The Sony Headphones Connect app allows a lot of customization and fine tuning, allowing you to adjust ambient sound reduction and sound optimization based on atmospheric pressure (a great feature for frequent flyers). Sony's DSEE HX audio processing engine also automatically improves audio compression from sources such as YouTube to ensure the best possible listening experience. All this comes of course and at a higher price – however for those looking for the best sound with noise cancellation option, WH-1000XM3S easily represents the best bluetooth headphones.


Jabra Elite Active 65t – The Best Bluetooth Sport / True Wireless Headphones

6 Best Bluetooth Headsets In 2021 1

Jabra Elite Active 65t are some if not the best true wireless bluetooth headphones. With a lifespan of five hours, an IP56 waterproof rating and a multitude of useful application-based features, they offer the highest level of sound even during the most intense workouts and exercises.

Three sets of silicone tips and a very comfortable design guarantee a perfect seal in the ears make wearing headphones very comfortable, also offering excellent passive insulation of ambient noise. The sound is clear and detailed, with a strong bass and a surprisingly high register. Five hours of battery life per charge puts them among the best headphones you'll find on the market, with a charging box that adds two extra charges.

Jabra's Sound Plus app lets you adjust equalization and choose to use the built-in smart assistant (Siri on iOS, Google Assistant on Android) or Amazon Alexa – a great option for those who use Alexa at home. Like Apple AirPods , the headphones automatically play and pause the music when you remove them from your ears, but they also go a step further by adjusting the ambient sound – which is perfect for hearing what's going on. around you during training or to pay attention to traffic while pedaling to work.

The IP56 rating means you don't have to worry about damage to your headphones with liquids or moderate amounts of dust. Simply rinse them after a particularly hard workout and they are like us.


Anker SoundBuds Curve – The Best Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

6 Best Bluetooth Headsets In 2021 2

Anker SoundBuds Curve are among the best cheap bluetooth headphones on the market, offering excellent value for their price. They are more comfortable than most in-ear headphones we have tested because their tips do not go too deep into the ear canal and have an ear hook design that ensures a stable fit.

These headphones sound decent for the price, with a deep bass that is quite deep and strong enough without being too muddy or crowded. The headphones have balanced environments as well as a good treble, which makes them a good choice for all kinds of music. The 13-hour battery life exceeds that of more expensive models, such as the Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless , and they even come with a tough carrying case, which is a welcome addition in this price area.

The downside is that they don't have power saving features, so you need to remember to turn them off when you're not using them, otherwise their battery will continue to discharge. They also don't have a dedicated app, so your sound equalization options are limited. Although their hook design ensures a stable fit, they don't offer much protection against perspiration, so athletes might consider Anker SoundCore Spirit Pro , a similar, more durable product.


Sony WH-CH500H – Best Cheap Bluetooth Headphones (Over-Ear)

6 Best Bluetooth Headsets In 2021 3

Sony WH-CH500 have a battery life of 20 hours and a surprisingly large wireless range. The sound is loud, not at all common for a wireless headset (especially for a headset in this price area).

The bass on the WH-CH500 is fantastic. If you are passionate about Hip-Hop, Pop or EDM, the full and deep bass will pleasantly surprise you every time you listen. The mediums are also above expectations, although they do not convey a perfect clarity (the guitars have a lack of subtlety in tone and the voices lose some of the texture), but you probably don't buy them for an ultra-critical audition. The treble is not very pronounced but does not show sharp sounds that cause headaches – overall making a fine sound and easy to hear.

Sony WH-CH500 are cheap headphones that do not feel very durable, but have very good sound and can be used decently in a variety of cases. Their wireless range is amazing, one of the best among Bluetooth headsets, with a significantly longer lifespan than other models at similar prices.


Plantronics M70 – The Best Handsfree Bluetooth Headset

6 Best Bluetooth Headsets In 2021 4

The Plantronics M70 is the successor to the popular M55 and, like its predecessor, is a low-cost handfree, but one that offers a lot for the money paid. The headset has a talk time of about 11 hours when fully charged (which can be done with a normal micro USB cable).

Although it does not have a premium construction, the headset is perfectly comfortable to wear for a long time, supports voice commands for a truly free use of the hands, and the sound quality is good, especially when aided by noise cancellation technology.

The M70 has a DeepSleep mode that activates when separated from the paired smartphone for more than 90 minutes, allowing the headset to last up to five months of battery life (yes, 5 months – not an editorial mistake). ). To bring the headset back to life, simply bring the phone within range and the headset will wake up quickly to use.


HyperX Cloud Flight – The Best Bluetooth Gaming Headphones

6 Best Bluetooth Headsets In 2021 5

If you play a lot of online multiplayer games and need a great microphone, HyperX Cloud Flight is the headset you need. Although not as well built as the SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition , this model has a significantly better microphone.

Cloud Flight have a very versatile design, thanks to the detachable microphone with a very good ability to reduce background noise. The sound is very good, not only for video game soundtracks, but also for music, which increases their versatility. Although they recharge a bit hard, their battery offers almost 30 hours of continuous playback, which means you could spend almost an entire weekend playing, before you need to recharge them.

Unfortunately, HyperX Cloud Flight is not compatible with Xbox One. They also do not have an accompanying application, and the quality of their construction is a little disappointing, compared to the wired models in the HyperX Cloud range, such as HyperX Cloud II or HyperX Cloud Alpha , which feel more durable. That being said, we were very impressed with the sound quality and the microphone, which is why we consider them the best bluetooth headphones for PC or PS4 games.

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