6 best competitive gaming headphones review 2021

The best gaming headphones combine a comfortable design with superior sound quality, providing a great audio experience. Depending on the utility, the best gaming headphones must contain a wired connection to avoid the delay effect and have a background noise cancellation sensor. Alternatively, there are also wireless gaming headphones, but with a much more advanced (and more expensive) technology to ensure a lag-free experience.

To be truly in the middle of the action, a pair of professional gaming headphones are always needed. Although there are many very good audio headset options, an experienced gamer knows how important it is to first hear the footsteps of enemies in CS GO or PUBG. Next we will present 6 pairs of headphones which are, in the opinion of our editors, among the best gaming headphones of the moment.

They not only help you to clearly distinguish the noises around you in your favorite game, they are also extremely useful to enjoy music and movies on a more detailed level.

The Best Gaming Headphones in 2021

SteelSeries Arctis Pro – Professional Gaming

HyperX Cloud Revolver – Premium with Wire

Astro Gaming A50 – Premium Wireless

Logitech G533 – Nea Pleasant Recommendation

HyperX Cloud Stinger – Reduced Budget

Logitech G231 Prodigy – Competitive Microphone


6 Best Competitive Gaming Headphones

There isn't much of a category of peripherals in which we can't find an impressive model from SteelSeries. Renowned for top quality and tailor-made prices, they have designed the SteelSeries Arctis Pro headphones that easily take the throne of the best pair of gaming headphones.

It was difficult to decide what to start with, there is a lot to say. The design is extremely invigorating, the headphones could just as well be used in a professional recording studio, not only because they look extremely stylish, but also because they offer a tailored sound quality.

Strong enough and sharp sharpness, Arctis Pro can compete with professional audio editing headphones. They come with a mini volume control console for volume and EQ (equalizer) settings, which along with the versatility of possible changes to both sound and surround sound settings really offer an advantage in customizing the user experience. In order to benefit from the possible changes to the maximum potential, you will need to use them on a PC, but regardless of the platform and settings, the headphones offer an extraordinary sound.

We were amazed by the sound quality, both the music and the games were a pleasure. If you do not have an extremely fine sense of hearing, then be prepared to see how it is, the typical footsteps of enemies sound like trampled chips. The microphone allows you to speak in a whisper and still be heard by your team, the cables are durable and if you prefer not to have them at all, then there is a wireless version ( Artics Pro Wireless ).

In order not to brag too much, we could end with the only point against these headphones, the extremely high price, but it does nothing but reflect the value of this product. If you have a larger available budget than the rest of the headphones on the list but not enough for this model, then you can opt for the less professional version SteelSeries Arctis 7 .


6 Best Competitive Gaming Headphones 1

HyperX Cloud Revolver is a product that respects its name, the comfort offered justifies the name of "Cloud" / "Cloud" and the ease with which you can connect and use them, it deserves the resemblance to a "Revolver".

HyperX has managed to create an extremely versatile pair of headphones, it comes with 3 connection options, either through a 3.5mm jack accompanied by an identical brother for the microphone or via USB, and this means you can connect to everything from laptop to game console. This easy connection process comes with another surprise, you don't have to install any additional software to get maximum compatibility, actually plug in the jack or USB and you're done.

This is impressive as the headphones come with a built-in sound card that gives you a great experience with the Dolby 7.1 virtual surround sound system and EQ (equalizer) settings. Access to such 3D sound quality offers a real advantage when it comes to getting as much information around you on the battlefield. The sound is well defined, the bass is bold and accentuates the experience of games but also of music (for which we also have the Bass Boost option in the EQ settings).

All these advantages are combined in a solid design, but extremely comfortable and easily adjustable, with soft cushions and a modern look.


6 Best Competitive Gaming Headphones 2

Astro Gaming is known for the quality of its products. Astro A50 are exactly what you would expect, high-performance wireless headphones with advantages specially designed for a gamer.

The smaller sibling of the model, A40 , was really overtaken by the Astro A50 which goes in the same direction but with new design and strength becoming an example of quality and ingenuity. However, the high price ensures a 5.8GHz connection via wireless technology and access to virtual 7.1 surround sound, all of which are amplified by the special and convenient design. The microphone is designed to reduce background noise to keep the voice clear. In addition to an extremely intuitive quick-mute mode, the headphones also have a selection of cleverly designed EQ settings.

You can expect the Astro A50 to do whatever you expect from quality gaming headphones, to which we add the fast and hassle-free wireless connection, extended battery life and the auto-shut down feature. which closes the headphones when not in use. However, these advantages are only half of the story, the other is the audio performance they show, the games feel much more real with these headphones on their ears, the sounds are clear, well defined and offer an intense experience in any game, either through amazing detail. of music or by the clarity of gunfire.

The lack of wire allows you to be more mobile at the office, less accidents caused by movement and in addition it is quite nice to be able to close the window or walk around the room without having to turn off the music or turn off the headphones.


Logitech G533 – Nea Pleasant Recommendation

6 Best Competitive Gaming Headphones 3

The Logitech G533 is a real portal to the virtual world, at least for the ears. If you need to follow the footsteps and noises of enemies in your favorite game, then with the help of these headphones you will always be on stage. The accuracy offered by the accuracy of the surround sound system are to be taken as an example by other headphone manufacturers.

The headphones are durable, the material is firm and pleasant to the touch in plastic areas. The ear pads are a bit stiff, if you have bigger ears you might find them uncomfortable, the nice part is that they can be removed and washed even in the washing machine. You can't really find many pairs of headphones that allow you to do this, but be sure to put only the washing pads and not the whole pair of headphones.

They come with their own, easy-to-use program that allows you to adjust the equalizer to your liking. The design is special to capture as much of the clarity of the DTS system (used for surround sound), whose performance in team with headphones, is unmatched compared to many other pairs, even more expensive. Even in 2D games, the sound comes from various angles and colors a truly immersive experience.

The simplistic but modern look of the headphones is extremely pleasing, the resemblance between this model and the headphones used for movie sonar is just an indication of the accuracy with which you will gather information around you when you play. Thanks to the Pro-G driver, the brick walls of PUBG turn into gypsum, you can effortlessly hear the movements of enemies in the house next door and easily distinguish whether they come from the roof, stairs or ground floor.

The headphones alert you with a "beep" when you change the volume, have a low battery (they are wireless) and when you turn on the microphone.


6 Best Competitive Gaming Headphones 4

If you are not yet ready for an investment in the above headphones, HyperX has launched this model of headphones more focused on the budget, despite this they manage to be extremely comfortable and provide a satisfying experience.

It's about HyperX Cloud Stinger , an unpretentious pair of headphones that tries to bring in exchange for a small investment, quality, through a light frame and unexpectedly comfortable pillows. And our opinion is that it succeeds, even after 6 hours spent in front of the computer with them on your head, you will not feel uncomfortable, and this is due to the fairly wide cups.

The sound delivered, although not at the same level of quality as other headphones on the list, proved to be strong and balanced enough, the bass is a little intense sometimes and I found that on some computers you could hear a small hum, if the volume was more than half and no other noise was played from the pc, it disappeared once I turned on the music or a game.

We expected the microphone to be the victim of compromises, but it turned out to be very decent, the headphones are set to reduce background noise, so the user's voice is easier to hear.

HyperX Cloud Stinger are without a doubt the most comfortable headphones in their price group, and this is not the only advantage, but only an added bonus to the quality invested in sound and microphone which are of course in line with the budget, but well above the average quality encountered at models with similar price.


6 Best Competitive Gaming Headphones 5

If HyperX Cloud Stinger are too simplistic, then you can also consider Logitech G231 Prodigy , they require more funds, but bring quality and savings to a generous deal.

First of all, they are “delicately” comfortable, being unexpectedly flexible and resistant, the ear pads are roomy and do not become uncomfortable even after a long time, at the same time you can detach and wash them. The headphones can be turned and placed flat on the table, a small detail quite interesting.

The headphones also reach a very high volume, but the sound quality is lost once we go over 60%, so if your sound card is weaker and you need headphones to increase the volume considerably, you risk losing the clarity bonus. which features this this model. The G231 Prodigy uses two 40mm drivers that deliver impeccable sound, but not as deep and clear as the more expensive models, though the shots and explosions aren't as detailed, but they're still impressive and extremely suitable for a pair. of professional headphones in its price category.

Questions and answers

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Gaming headphones are usually V-shaped to accentuate the lows and highs, which is great for gaming, but not so great for music. A good pair of headphones can be great for gaming, especially since you can use special software to provide virtual surround and change the echo. Ideally, you should also have an amplifier and a DAC to get the best sound from good headphones.

Pay special attention to one thing, the convenience of headphones. In general, headphones designed specifically for gaming are designed for long wear sessions while a pair of regular audio headphones (be they high quality) are usually designed for an average usage time of 90 minds.

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The explanation is quite simple: the small (intraural) headphones play the sounds in the game, while the over-ear (supraaural) headphones they wear are for noise reduction, they usually transmit white noise. Sometimes, but not always, professionals wear a third set of headphones around their neck, usually for sponsorship reasons, although sometimes they will use the microphone in that pair for communication.

This is done to ensure that no outside sound (from commentators and crowds in particular) can reach players, so there is no chance that they will hear vital information from the audience and provide a game environment. with as few distractions as possible.

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If you already own a pair of headphones that are “good at everything,” you may be wondering why you might need a special gaming headset. The three main things that differentiate gaming headphones from regular ones are comfort, sound quality and microphone quality.

Most normal headphones are designed to be used for short periods of time, such as business meetings or phone calls, while gaming headphones are designed for long and intense gaming sessions. In a situation like this, you want the headset to be comfortable, for it to have excellent sound quality, and for the microphone to be very sensitive to your voice. Sure, a normal headset will work, but you'll have a much more enjoyable experience using headphones created for gaming.

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The common (and misconception) concept is that wireless headset pairs will have some form of lag / delayed sound reception. Although Bluetooth and other wireless technologies may not be as fast as cable, the difference is so small that you can't see it.

Modern wireless technology is almost as fast as wired (cable) and there is no difference in how fast the sound is transferred. In other words, wireless technology is not very good for music at a quality worthy of the most demanding audiophile, but it is perfect for gaming.

As long as you're willing to pay more for wireless technology and don't need the best sound quality, a wireless gaming headset is a great option.

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Ninja moved in 2017, from a traditional gaming headset to a high quality studio audio headset from Beyerdynamic . We've analyzed tons of gaming headphones, and most professional gamers use headphones sold specifically for gaming (such as HyperX , SteelSeries , and Turtle Beach ).

So for Ninja to move away from gaming headphones and buy a pair of studio audio headphones was surprising. Pro DT990s are well known for their audiophile sound quality and are used by music and sound technicians for professional mixing, production and editing.

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