6 best ssd for gaming and for windows in 2021

An SSD is a data storage device that, unlike an HDD, uses only microchips that hold data in non-volatile memories, without moving parts, which makes it not only faster, but also more resistant to mechanical shocks. An SSD device consists of NAND chips, which are grouped on cells and have the role of storing information. Given that the period of portable HDDs is almost over, it's time to find out which are the best SSDs and after which features to guide you before making a purchase.

In terms of embedded technology, we are talking about SLC, MLC and TLC. The first variant – SLC (Single Level Cell) – is generally recommended for the business area, because the storage space is extended and the write cycles reach 5,000,000. However, the disadvantage is the high price. Multi Level Cell (MLC) technology is more reasonable in terms of price, but the performance is lower: 1-2,000,000 write cycles, being recommended for individual use. TLC (Triple Level Cell) stores 3 bits per cell (compared to 1 or 2 for SLC and MLC, respectively), which lowers the write and operation speed.

The advantages of an SDD, compared to a classic HDD, are mainly read speed and operating speed. The disadvantages can be included in the price, especially if you have a smaller budget. However, our publishers present you some categories of good SSDs that can help you choose the product according to your needs, but also the amount you have.


6 The Best Ssds Of 2021

The Samsung T5 , in the 1TB version, is the perfect model for you if you are looking for a product with a high writing speed. Depending on the file size and the USB port used, the SSD reaches a speed of 50 to 500 MB / s.

SSD memory is V-NAND flash (64-bit TLC) – a type of non-volatile memory with constant power, whose memory blocks can be erased and reprogrammed (or reloaded with other data). Being of the NAND type, it ensures a large storage capacity, a high-performance write / delete speed and a high durability.

We thought it was a big advantage that in the package you will find both a USB cable type A to USB type C and a USB cable type C to USB type C because, thus, you are allowed to connect the SSD on any type of computer / laptop, older or newer.

Writing speed and operation are among the most important aspects when looking for a high-performance SSD. The operating speed of the Samsung T5 device can reach 400-450 MB / s (using the USB port type C Gen 1) or 50 MB / s (via the USB 2.0 port). With a short calculation, you can download a movie over 60 GB in 5 minutes. Keep in mind that these performances can only be achieved by using the cable that comes with the package. The manufacturers say that it would have the capacity to reach up to over 500 MB / s, but using the USB 3.1 Gen 2 port.

The Samsung T5 also includes AES 256-bit hardware encryption technology to protect your data – it is locked until you enter the password you set. From the protection of the device we can say that the product has a resistance to shocks of 1500 G, and to vibrations of 20 G. Instead, it is not resistant to dust and water, which is a big disadvantage.


6 The Best Ssds Of 2021 1

The Adata Ultimate SU650 , 480 GB, is suitable for your home computer, as it can provide an extra operating speed even to an older computer. It is of the SATA3 type, an interface that offers a transfer speed of up to 600 MB / s. The quality-price ratio is well represented in this case.

The SSD has a SATA3 interface, which has a transfer rate of 6.0 Gbit / s. The Ultimate SU650 has large storage capacities, is reliable and efficient thanks to the advanced 3D NAND flash memory. It provides a write speed of up to 450 MB / s and a read speed of up to 520 MB / s, the SSD being able to accelerate any type of computer, be it from an older generation.

In terms of advantages, we discuss ECC technology – a type of RAM that automatically detects and corrects certain internal errors, using a corrective code, without producing negative consequences. The manufacturers claim that the ECC memory ensures the integrity of the data stored by you and, implicitly, increases the durability of the SSD.

Although the caching algorithm is Single Level Cell (SLC), which brings improvements in data writing and reading performance, the Ultimate SU650 SSD could not cope in the business environment, as its temperature reaches up to 60 degrees Celsius in overload conditions, which is clearly a disadvantage that can even lead to damage to the device. The optimum maximum temperature to maintain a long life of an SSD should be 30-35 degrees Celsius.

To avoid the risks of overheating, you can buy a quality internal cooler for a classic desktop or an external cooler for a laptop .


6 The Best Ssds Of 2021 2

Kingston A2000 is part of the category of medium SSDs, but with real performance for the prices at which it can be found on the market. BiCS4 TLC NAND memory allows you to have up to 600 TB of writes.

The Kingston brand model has an NVMe type interface (or PCIe Gen 3.0 x4) and a Silicon Motion SM2262EN controller, which at the 1TB variant has outstanding performance. Compared to the previous model, A1000, it has write and read speeds of 2000 and 2200 MB / s. The memory is based on 96-layer BiCS4 TLC chips that give the SSD a lifespan of up to 600 TB of write (normally, a user gets to use a maximum of 50 TB).

The Kingston A2000 is the perfect choice for an entry-level user, especially if you want a fast, self-encrypting SSD that is TCG Opal 2.0 compatible. The model is great if you want to use it at home, for games, photo-video editing programs or just to upgrade your computer.

A disadvantage may be that you will need a motherboard or an integrated system that is compatible with PCIe x4. Otherwise, the SSD will not be read by your computer at all. Also, this device is not compatible with M.2 SATA.

The small dimensions (8 x 0.9 x 12.9 centimeters) and the weight of 6.7 grams make it reliable, easy to handle and install. At the same time, the tests performed showed that the product is resistant to shocks and scratches, which confirms the high durability.


6 The Best Ssds Of 2021 3

Kingston A400, 960 GB , is a good choice if you want a fast data storage solution for laptop and possibly tablet – products that need an SSD that records a low power consumption – at an affordable price .

We recommend the 960 GB version, because the write speed reaches up to 450 MB / s, and the read speed up to 500 MB / s. On smaller models, 120, 240 and 480 GB, the write speeds are between 320 and 450 MB / s, and the read speeds remain constant, 500 MB / s. The memory used by Kingston A400 is of TLC NAND flash type, for this reason the product is recommended for conventional use, and not for business environments. TLC is clearly inferior to MLC and SLC and, implicitly, less durable for slightly more intense uses. The connection to the laptop is made through the SATA Rev. interface. 3.0.

Because we are talking about a good SSD for a laptop, then the model fits perfectly in the energy consumption standards. The A400 consumes 0.279 Watts when used and 0.195 Watts in standby mode. Also, the temperature range in which it operates can range from 0 to 70 degrees Celsius. It is preferable not to overload it so as not to reach the maximum temperature, which can affect its lifespan.

Although it has only a 3-year warranty and is not the fastest model of SSD, Kingston A400 is a decent product, which offers quite high performance compared to the low price.


6 The Best Ssds Of 2021 4

Samsung EVO 970 Plus has the new generation of memory – V-NAND – which, together with Intelligent TurboWrite technology and the Phoenix controller, places it in the top of desktop products, significantly improving photo-video editing and gaming activities.

Samsung has managed to launch a premium product, which surpasses any previous model by sequential write (3500 MB / s) and read (2500 MB / s) speeds. Theoretically, the 9 70 EVO Plus operates at speeds up to 30% faster, but this result may differ depending on the hardware configurations of the systems in which they were tested. For example, you can install a Windows 10 Pro in less than 10 minutes.

An advantage of this SSD is the provision of an average uptime (MTFB) of up to 1.5 million hours, making it one of the few products on the market with such a lifespan. In terms of durability, we also include the temperature at which the 970 EVO Plus works in optimal parameters: 0 – 70 degrees Celsius. The controller, nickel-plated, has a board that dissipates heat and a function called Thermal Guard, which helps maintain an optimal temperature during use.

The 970 EVO Plus SSD consumes between 6 and a maximum of 10 watts, but this may differ depending on the computer configuration. It remains an easy product to use, especially since Samsung has changed the management of the software. With this model you can make a firmware update or other updates, you can increase / stabilize its performance and monitor its status and speeds in which it works.

With a 5-year warranty, the Samsung SSD provides up to 1200 TB of written data. A disadvantage could be for you that there are no fastening screws in the delivery package.


6 The Best Ssds Of 2021 5

Samsung 860 EVO is part of the generation of SSDs that are found at good prices and that manage to make long-term performance. With an average downtime (MTBF) of up to 1.5 million hours, the model is the perfect purchase for those on a lower budget.

860 EVO is equipped with a V-NAND memory. This is a three-dimensional memory, with chips arranged in 64 layers, both in length and width, as well as in height. Although we are talking about TLC (each cell stores 3 bits), which is not the fastest option compared to SLC and even MLC, the SSD makes it possible to operate optimally at capacities of 2 – 4TB.

The lifespan is given by the 150TB that can be written without any problem, which amounts to around 30 GB written every day for 5000 days. At the same time, the ones from Samsung come with a supplement: an MTBF of 1.5 million hours (officially declared) and a 5-year warranty, which covers quite a lot of the period in which the product could fail.

Samsung MJX, the controller of this SSD, "takes care" of all reading and writing operations and has two major advantages over the previous version, 850 EVO : LPDDR4 memory consumes less power and runs at 1 GHz (compared to 550 GHz).

Following tests performed on larger files (10-15 GB), which require quite a lot of SSD, the time for long-term sequential transfer will begin to gradually decrease. With a simple transfer of a photo file, 3-4 GB, it will make the most of the caching mechanism, and the results will be considerably better.

Samsung 860 EVO can be divided into two categories: high-performance when used as a gaming unit or operating system and high-performance when it comes to data storage.

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