6 simple steps in using apps on Smart TV


6 simple steps in using apps on Smart TV

Some of our readers have not yet bought a Smart TV and there are still many who still need clarification on what they do and how to use these devices. Therefore, we explain how to install and manage applications. We will also recommend some useful applications at the beginning, and if you don’t want to invest in a Smart TV, we will also show you how you can turn a conventional TV into something like this, with a TV box.

One of the main advantages offered by smart TVs is the possibility to install applications on them. In general, they operate exactly like on a personal phone: they can be found on the web, installed and used. However, there are still details worth mentioning in connection with their management. Let’s explore them in more detail in the following guide:

An account is required for some TV brands

Just like riding the best electric scooter , the process of installing an application is simple: first, you need to connect your smart TV to the home Internet – either via wi-fi or wired. After that, access the web browser and search for the desired application. Once you have found it, look for the installation button and press it.

Be careful, however, because with quite a few Smart TV brands, you may need to create a special account in order to install applications. This is especially true for Samsung, LG and Sony. Usually, it’s a Google Store account, easy to create. If you use other Google services, such as Gmail, then you can easily log in with those credentials.

Of course, if you are really interested in the subject, find out that you can download applications without an account, on some models of Smart TVs that are not licensed by Google. Or, for some brands, such as LG, the account may not be required at all. In any case, it is good to log in with credentials, as this guarantees a high level of security for all downloads made on the device.


What you can do with a smart tv and it’s app’s

Can I install too many applications?

Yes. Some TVs at their app store may force users to download certain apps, making the operating system difficult and crowding menus. It is good to check on the review sites how each model works, in this chapter. In addition, it also depends on how the TV works with its operating system. You have to remember that a Smart TV is a mini-computer, just like a tablet.

Some more powerful models may cope better with application loading than others. Attention, some devices may install applications that they consider useful, but this option can be adjusted from the settings, which vary from one model to another.

How do I delete installed applications?

The steps for this process are easy – you will have to enter the respective menu screen, select the respective application icon and hold down the button until an options menu appears. A delete option should appear on this menu, which you will press. Most likely, you will see a message like “Are you sure you want to delete application X? YES / NO ”and, after selecting YES, the process will take place.

For some companies, such as LG, the uninstallation could take place from a separate menu, such as “My Apps” and from there, click the “Edit” option and automatically select all the applications you want removed. Then click “Delete” and all will be deleted.

I haven’t had a Smart TV before – what applications should I start with?

Ok, congratulations, you just bought a new Smart TV or you want to get one and wonder what you can do with it. We have selected a series of very useful or even indispensable applications for you, this year, explaining what they do:

A first category is that ofmovie services : HBO GO, Netflix, Plex and Hulu are some that should not be missing. Of course, they are also for a fee, but their price is affordable, and the content is quite generous, with the most popular series.

Do not hesitate to downloadvideo file players , such as MX Player, one of the best such applications for Android. If you want to share content from your mobile phone, you can also opt for AirScreen or Google Cast – so what you run on your phone will also appear on the Smart TV screen.

With Google Drive, you will beable to access files from your computer , which is very useful when working online and you want to access documents on the big screen in the living room. It doesn’t hurt to install X-plore File Manager to operate sideload-style applications (transfer between computers, phones, tablets and smart TVs).

If you like games, in addition to quite a few such online applications, we also recommend Steam Link, which allowsstreaming games directly on TV , on your computer, without moving the latter from place and without connecting the two via an HDMI cable.

Formusic, we recommend Spotify. It can run both for free and for a fee (which eliminates ads and offers slightly better audio quality). Of course, Youtube is also very suitable for music, but some songs may be found on only one of the two.

6 simple steps in using apps on Smart TV

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