6 the best smart tvs on a budget near me

The best smart TVs are those models that combine all the features and functionalities of smart devices (phone, computer, tablet) with the services offered by cable TV operators, to offer you the best entertainment experiences at home. Everything seems simple until you wonder which is the best smart TV for your needs and budget.

The list of the most important features you need to consider includes the screen size (diagonal), display type, screen resolution, sound, connection ports and special functions. It is recommended that the diagonal of a smart TV be at least 80 centimeters. There are smaller models on the market (such as 60 centimeters), but they could not offer the same viewing experiences. The diagonal should also be chosen according to the space you have available in the room where you want to place it.

The display can be of several types, such as LED, OLED, QLED and Retina (this only applies to Apple brand products). Most smart TV models on the market are LED, which are even more advantageous in price. OLED and QLED are more advanced technologies that offer much more advanced viewing experiences. The resolutions are divided into HD Ready (1366 x 768 pixels), Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels). It would be preferable to choose an Ultra HD resolution, because along with a large diagonal, you will be able to watch movies, series, shows and much more even from shorter distances, without tiring your eyes.

The audio power does not excel in any smart TV model, the most common being the 2 x 5 W and 2 x 20 W variants. For this reason, you can turn your attention to a quality soundbar . In terms of connection ports, it would be ideal for the model to have at least two USB ports, two HDMI ports and possibly a 3.5 mm jack port. Among the most important features are special buttons for platforms like Netflix, YouTube, HBO and others. Also, a plus would be the voice control function, which would help you more easily search for the songs, movies and series you want remotely.

Our editors have prepared some examples of smart TVs, with different diagonals, resolutions, brands and displays, so you can make the best choice.

The Best Smart TVs in 2021

LG 32LM6300PLA – 80 cm

LG 43UM7450PLA – 100 cm

Samsung 49RU7302 – Curved

Samsung 65RU7092 – Samsung

Samsung 43RU7102 – Value for money

Horizon 43HL7330F – Cheap


6 The Best Smart Tvs
LG 32LM6300PLA

LG 32LM6300PLA is a smart TV with a diagonal of 80 centimeters, suitable for medium-sized rooms. The LED display and Full HD resolution ensure clear, vivid and natural images.

The performance offered by the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD) and the LED display technology is complemented by the quad-core image processor and screen mirroring technology. The processor is fast and helps to adjust colors, eliminate noise and create a dynamic contrast, which ensures natural shades and rich in detail. Active HDR and LG dynamic scene-by-scene adjustment technology also contribute to image stability and scene optimization.

LG claims that the sound offered by the LG 32LM6300PLA is multi-dimensional, wide and rich. This is due to the two speakers integrated in the TV, of 10 W each, but also the Dolby Audio system installed, known as one of the best audio systems on the market. Other technologies and audio functions present in this smart TV are Clear Voice III, LG Sound Sync, Virtual Surround Plus, DTS Decoder, Down Firing and Bluetooth Audio Playback, which also contribute to a very good audio experience.

Connectivity is very varied in the case of the LG 32LM6300PLA . We have 3 HDMI ports, two USB ports, one RJ-45, two RF, one Component input, which allow you to connect several types of smart devices to view your favorite images and videos directly on the TV. You can also connect to this smart TV and wireless, via Wi-Fi (802.11 ac) or Bluetooth (version 5.0). The advantage in the case of the LG product is the possibility to "communicate" by voice control with the TV.


6 The Best Smart Tvs 1
LG 43UM7450PLA

LG 43UM7450PLA has a diagonal of 108 centimeters and is the ideal choice for those who want complete viewing experiences. It has the advantage of having many compatible smart applications, which help to improve leisure activities.

The screen is equipped with an IPS panel, which has the role of reflecting reality in the mirror (screen mirroring), and a 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). The superior quality of the images and their processing are helped, first of all, by the 4K Upscaling technology. It manages to turn any image of poorer quality into one at the highest resolution possible, so that you can enjoy quality and clarity at the highest level, the process being done by multiplying the pixels. Other important technologies are 4K Active HDR (which accentuates the details of the images through the high contrast range) and True Color Accuracy (which realistically reproduces the colors of the transmitted images, through optimal control at the point level). In addition, the LG 43UM7450PLA is compatible with other HDR time formats, such as HLG Pro and HDR10 Pro. All this is complemented by the LED display technology.

The sound is clear, wide and better than the LG 32LM6300PLA . Here we have two speakers of 20 W each, compared to the two speakers of 10 W each. In this case, we are talking about stereo speakers, Down firing type. The technologies and functions that help better sound output are Ultra Surround, Dolby AC4, DTS Virtual: X, One Touch Sound Tuning, Clear Voice III, Smart Sound Mode, Magic Sound, DTS Decoder, Bluetooth Audio Playback and Audio Upscaller. In addition, there is also the Adaptive Sound Control function, which creates a balance between sound and equalizer, so that they are in line with the action transmitted by the images you view.

In addition to wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the LG 32LM6300PLA has three HDMI ports, two USB, two RF, one RJ-45, one AV, one Component input and one Composite Input, which allow you an area as more varied content. The good part is that you can control the content you see with the Smart Voice Assistant.


6 The Best Smart Tvs 2
Samsung 49RU7302

Samsung 49RU7302 is a curved smart TV with a diagonal of 123 centimeters and a 4K Ultra HD resolution. It is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the latest technologies in smart TVs.

The screen of this smart TV model from Samsung is very generous, 123 centimeters, LED type, and has a 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). Although we do not yet have enough 4K images and videos, you can view any type of content at the highest possible quality thanks to 4K Upscaling technology. This resolution gives you realistic images, rich in detail and in the most natural shades possible, because it is based on the 27 color adjustment points and the eight million pixels. Several functions and technologies, such as HDR 4K, Contrast Enhancer, Film Mode, Auto Motion Plus, Natural Mode Support and Auto Depth Enhancer, contribute to the exceptional image quality.

In addition, the novelty that brings Samsung 49RU7302 is the Picture in Picture function, with which you can overlap, in four different areas of the screen, up to 4 screens. This helps you see the smart interface better or watch different videos or TV stations at the same time. Specific to Samsung TVs is the Supreme UHD Dimming technology, which does nothing but reduce the brightness of certain areas of the screen and accentuate dark shadows and shades (especially black), to give you experiences as similar as possible to reality.

The sound is also high quality for the Samsung 49RU7302 , thanks to the audio system with two integrated speakers, with a power of 20 W, which are compatible with DTS Premium Sound 4.1, Dolby Digital Plus, Woofer, DTS Codecs, Bluetooth Audio and Multiroom Link. In addition, here we also have HLG technology, which creates a perfect connection between sounds and images.

Wireless connectivity is only available via Wi-Fi. We also have a generous number of HDMI, RJ-45, USB, AV, S / PDIF, CI + and YPbPr ports. A small disadvantage is the lack of voice control.


6 The Best Smart Tvs 3
Samsung 65RU7092

Samsung 65RU7092 is one of the top models manufactured by Samsung. With a 4K Ultra HD resolution, an LED screen and a diagonal of 163 centimeters, it is suitable for large rooms.

Due to the Ultra HD resolution, of 3840 x 2160 pixels, the colors are very vivid, and the images are rich in details, reproduced very well in terms of brightness and color, being very close to the real experience. Among the most important technologies implemented by Samsung are UHD Dimming (which scales images very well, to improve quality by adding additional transition frames), Contrast Enhancer (which adjusts the contrast automatically according to the brightness of the room), HDR10 (which provides more intense hues through image dynamics) and Auto Motion Plus (which captures even details you can't see in very fast scenes). Other features of interest are Film Mode, Picture in Picture, Natural Mode Support, Auto Depth Enhancer, Samsung UHD Dimming and HLG. In addition, for gaming enthusiasts there is Auto Game Mode, which helps you enjoy your favorite games to the fullest.

Samsung 65RU7092 has two integrated speakers with a power of 20 W, which ensures a decent volume even at half the total capacity. Being compatible with Dolby Digital Plus, Bluetooth Audio, DTS Codecs, Multiroom Link and DTS Premium Sound, both the highs and the bass can be heard very well, offering experiences like in cinemas. We found interesting the existence of the PVR function, which gives you the opportunity to record your favorite series or show if you can not see it when it is broadcast on TV.

You can connect any type of smart device to enjoy your favorite content through existing ports: HDMI, AV, USB, RJ-45, CI +, RF and Component input. In addition, you also have wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The advantage is that you can control the TV remotely, because the Samsung 65RU7092 is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa Home.


6 The Best Smart Tvs 4
Samsung 43RU7102

Samsung 43RU7102 has an excellent ratio between quality and price considering that it offers a 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) on an LED screen and a fairly generous diagonal of 108 centimeters.

In addition to LED display technology and Ultra HD (4K) image quality, an important feature that delivers performance is HDR10 + technology, which shows its "power" especially when viewing color photo or video content. It manages to provide images in natural colors, vibrant, clear and with emphasis on every detail, thanks to the crystalline tones. The clarity that impresses with this smart TV model can be seen even when watching action scenes or sports competitions.

In terms of technology, Samsung 43RU7102 is very good, although the price places it in the middle category. Here we are talking about UHD Dimming, Contrast Enhancer, Pure Color, Mega Contrast, Film Mode, UHD Engine and Natural Mode Support. They give you very pleasant experiences while watching any type of content. From adjusting the black and white balance, balancing colors and brightness, to creating the best conditions during the movies and series watched, all these are implemented by Samsung on the 43RU7102 model.

The sound of this smart TV model is provided by the two integrated speakers, each with a power of 10 W, a sufficient value that manages to fill the whole room. If you want a sound enhancement, you can use Multiroom Link technology. However, if you opt for this option, you should purchase external speakers.

HDMI, USB, RJ-45, AV, RF and CI + ports, along with wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, help you view all your favorite content from the internet and compatible smart devices. In addition, you have access to Google Now, Alexa Home, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more.


6 The Best Smart Tvs 5
Horizon 43HL7330F

Horizon 43HL7330F is a cheap smart TV that offers pleasant experiences even if you have a smaller budget. It has a diagonal of 108 centimeters, an LED display and a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Regardless of the type of content you want to view on this TV, the images will be quite clear, with good contrast, rich details and vibrant and natural colors. The LED screen, along with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD), is complemented by Clear Motion Engine Dynamic technologies (which help you view clear images, even when watching moving scenes or playing) and Direct LED.

The audio part is supported by the two integrated speakers. The total power is 16 W, each speaker having a power of 8 W. The sound emitted is not exceptional, but it is decent for the price of the Horizon 43HL7330F . The good part is that the TV is compatible with Dolby Digital Plus. Other integrated technologies we find in this model are DTS HD, DTS TruSurround HD, NICAM Stereo and Equalizer, which try to offer a pleasant and clear audio experience.

Wi-Fi is the only technology that provides wireless connectivity. We also find two HDMI ports, and a USB port, RJ-45, AV, RF, D-sub 15 pin, Component input, S / PDIF, CI + and a 3.5 mm jack input, which helps you to connect to all smart devices from which you want to view your favorite content.

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