6 tips that help you extend the battery life of your phone

6 tips that help you extend the battery life of your phone

In order to keep your battery as long as possible, you must first of all stop buttoning non-stop. Yes, it seems difficult, but it would not be bad to reduce the time you spend with your smartphone in hand. At the same time, stop the functions that consume a lot of energy, avoid exposing the device to extreme temperatures and learn what you have to do to power it correctly.

Classic phones with buttons do not require such a frequent charge, because their consumption is lower. But smartphones, even if they come with strong batteries, over time lose their quality and end up having less and less autonomy.

But there are some ideas that, if you put them into practice, you can use to extend the life of the battery:

Reduce the time you spend by pressing the phone

The longer you walk on the device, the faster the battery will run out. This is normal because consumption is high. When you use the device, you do this to call, surf the Internet, play games and so on, actions that decrease the battery percentage.

If you want to have a great autonomy, it is important to reduce the time you spend on your smartphone and try to get rid of this addiction that many of us have.

6 tips that help you extend the battery life of your phone

Do not use your smartphone as an MP3

While listening to music on your phone, the battery can discharge quite quickly, which is why we do not always recommend doing this. For such activities are special devices, which will have a greater autonomy. At the same time, you can use an older smartphone, which you do not use.

High consumption also occurs due to the fact that while listening to your favorite songs you are tempted to press the phone.

Turn off wireless and Bluetooth when not in use

These functions consume quite a lot of energy, because they are constantly looking for devices with which to get in touch.

For example, if you have your wireless on and you are in an area from which you cannot have such a signal anyway, the phone will search endlessly for a network.

At the same time, it's about the same with Bluetooth. If you have enabled it to transfer various files and do not stop it then it will try to stay in touch with other devices and will constantly look for the signal.

In the event that you use your smartphone to play images or sounds on other gadgets, expect in such cases that the battery will discharge faster, because it is required more.

Close the data connection if you don't need it

If you use mobile data to connect to the Internet, the processor works harder and the battery will heat up much faster, which means it will discharge in a shorter time.

If you need it, you clearly won't stop the connection, but if it's nothing important and you want to save the battery percentage, turn it off and on again when needed.

6 tips that help you extend the battery life of your phone

Power the phone correctly

You can't expect to have a very long battery life, since you don't charge it properly. For this, here is what you have to do:

Use an original gadget – this is very important, because the original accessories are designed especially for the phone model you have and communicate perfectly with it, giving it the amperage and voltage needed to avoid damage.

It does not allow the percentage of the battery to reach below 20-25% – it is demanding for the smartphone's battery to work when it is discharged, and such practices can greatly reduce the quality of the battery over time.

Ignore the myths about the charging process – many do not power their phones properly and take into account certain myths, which over time have been dismantled. For example, the battery should not be formatted when you buy a smartphone, leaving it plugged in overnight does not affect the quality of the battery, functions such as fast charging or wireless accessory do not cause damage, as long as the devices are equipped with them and use original products , compatible.

Avoid exposing your smartphone to extreme temperatures

Very high or low temperatures do not bring any benefit on smartphones. These can even affect them. The battery runs out much faster if you use the device when it is very cold outside, and some damage is irreversible. At the same time, if it is below -10 degrees Celsius outside and you press the smartphone, condensation can form, which will not be beneficial.

If you still need a phone in such cases, make sure that it has a protective cover that is helpful even at low temperatures, be careful not to drop it from your hand in the snow, keep it as close as possible body and to talk, use headphones.

Regarding heat, it affects smartphones because they get hot and overloaded. In addition to the fact that the battery will be damaged, damage may also occur at the processor level, the phone may shut down suddenly and a service will be needed to restart it.

6 tips that help you extend the battery life of your phone

The battery is often the first part to suffer over time, but if your phone works very well, you do not have to worry, because it is a spare part that can be easily replaced at any GSM service . Do not try to do this at home, if it is integrated in the case, because you can know your device and you will have to replace it or pay even more for repairs.

If you have taken into account what we said above and you want to take care of your smartphone starting today, the first thing you should do is change your charger, if it is not an original one, because it -you've replaced it since you got your smartphone.

You can buy such accessories from online stores, where you will easily find the best Samsung , LG, Huawei, Apple chargers, etc.

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