6 unusual things to see in Google Maps

Google Maps is known for all the little quirks lurking there. By offering us the world as he did, the American giant has also been able to brush in the direction of the hair the voyeur – or the voyeur – that lies dormant in each of us. And so many of us are exploring the paths of Google Street View in order to pinpoint scenes or events that are completely out of the ordinary.

If you like the exercise, then here are 6 unusual things to discover in Google Maps.

1 / The skater in the air

6 Unusual Things To See In Google Maps
There are flying skaters in Google Maps

This scene was captured in North Carolina, and specifically in Chapel Hill.

While capturing the streets of the city, the Google Car in charge of modeling the area passed a duo of skaters. So far, nothing abnormal, but there is still an interesting detail. One of these skaters was immortalized while in flight. Tony Hawk had better watch out.

If you want to go see for yourself what is going on, then just go to these coordinates .

2 / The man in the green shorts

6 Unusual Things To See In Google Maps 1
It could have gone unnoticed, but that was without relying on the precision of Google Street View cameras.

In the family of people who are shown by Google Maps, I would like the father. Or the brother. Or uncle. Regardless, you have understood the principle.

A man was indeed immortalized by a Google Car while relieving himself in the woods, dressed in all and all in green shorts. He probably thought of going incognito, buried like he was in the thickets, but it was without counting on social networks.

And of course you can visit him by following this link .

3 / The overturned truck

6 Unusual Things To See In Google Maps 2
In Russia, a truck found itself in a bad position by taking a national.

For this third scene, Google Maps takes us to Russia, and more precisely to the Kaluga oblast.

It is indeed on a road in the region that we can find this truck overturned on its side. A strange accident, especially since the truck in question is not in the axis of the road. A road that also spun in a straight line.

The shock seems in any case to have been slight. As can be seen from these pictures , the truck is in good condition.

4 / the creepy guy who makes traffic

6 Unusual Things To See In Google Maps 3
Sometimes we find disturbing people on Google Street View

We completely change region and this time we go to Mexico, not far from the city of Turicachi.

It is indeed in a hamlet located on the outskirts of the city that this funny scene was photographed. One scene showed a man wearing a monster mask and a red vest standing in the middle of the road, as if he were in traffic.

And if you want to get there to see what it's all about for yourself, then just go here .

5 / The cyclist who does a dab

6 Unusual Things To See In Google Maps 4
What's better than a dab to say hi to the driver of a Google Car?

Everyone reacts differently when crossing a Google Car. You have people who will send reproachful – or quite simply vulgar – signs to their driver, while others will indulge in improbable staging.

This cyclist crossed in the streets of Prahran in Australia preferred to sell himself with a well-felt dab, a dab that you can admire by following this link .

6 / The creepy mask at the window

6 Unusual Things To See In Google Maps 5
Scream in Google Maps

And we end this selection with this unusual scene captured in the streets of the city of Hamburg in Germany.

A person indeed had the somewhat bizarre idea of hanging the mask from the movie Scream on his window to share it with passers-by.

And of course, this mask was captured by the cameras of the Google Car in charge of the sector. The slideshow can be found at this address .

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