$ 68 million to find a hard drive containing 7,500 Bitcoins

Over the past few years, the value of Bitcoin has grown tremendously compared to when it was first released to the market. As we speak, the cryptocurrency is valued at around $ 40,000, which could be unfortunate for those who have failed to properly maintain their reserves.

Currently, people who hold Bitcoins can be considered rich people. This could have been the case for this Briton named James Howells, if only he had not lost his hard drive. Tidy in the latter, the man indeed had a reserve of 7,500 Bitcoins, which is currently worth $ 268 million!

$ 68 million to find a hard drive containing 7,500 Bitcoins
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In order to recover his Bitcoins mistakenly thrown into a landfill, Howells is now ready to offer a sum of $ 68 million to the town of Newport in South Wales where the hard drive was lost.

A "COVID relief fund" as a reward

Howells mistakenly threw his laptop containing the infamous hard drive into a Newport landfill in 2013. Since then, the man has requested permission several times to search the landfill himself to find the computer. Recently, he said he would offer 25% of the value of Bitcoins to Newport, his hometown, if he succeeds in collecting them. The money will then be used as a “COVID relief fund”.

It is known that over the years officials have always refused the request for Welsh. This time again, it was rejected by the Newport Town Council. According to the explanations, the current permits cannot allow him to carry out an excavation. On the other hand, this procedure would risk having a significant environmental impact at the zone level.

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Lost forever under the landfill?

According to reports, Howells would like to speak directly with city council to explain his plan to recover the hard drive. He said retrieving the material won't be as difficult as you might think since he remembers when and where he threw it. In addition, he intends to call on professionals to help him in his quest. He added that investors are also ready to pay the expenses related to the dig in exchange for a portion of the Bitcoins when they are recovered.

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Despite Howells' intention to meet with Newport officials, Newport appears to be upholding their decision not to grant him permission to conduct a search. So let's wait and see if the situation can one day improve for the unfortunate owner of the lost Bitcoins.

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