7 alternatives to watching TV in the evening

7 alternatives to watching TV in the evening

Of course, it would be absurd to advise people to give up TV, but what hurts too much. Many readers are determined to alternate watching TV with as many activities as possible – or with healthier ones, anyway. Here are our recommendations regarding the alternatives, with short justifications for each one. But, first, let's analyze the addiction for watching content at home:

Why do we like TV so much?

This discussion is complex, but we can present two big reasons why we are looking for the TV: the first is about entertainment, that is fun and interest. We simply want to see a good movie or watch the latest news.

Given that Smart TVs have become very common, we can also refer to Youtube or other sites, in addition to regular television networks. Here, the desire to search for desired content is even more justified, because it does not consume what a post offers in the grid, but exactly what the customer is looking for, which increases the state's attraction in front of a screen, large or small.

A second reason is the refuge, or rather, the relaxation of the brain by its occupation with emissions. We are talking here about an addiction – some people take refuge in television to get rid of everyday worries, just as others take refuge in a few beers after work or in a tennis match.

Some activities are healthier than others, but the result is the same: getting a more relaxed mood to approach a new day with new strength. This situation leads us to the first suggestion for a good replacement for watching TV:


Meditation involves many techniques, but the common ground is the goal of freeing the mind from worries. The central idea refers to the awareness of the way it operates, in relation to the body and the environment, and through this awareness, the body can relax, to many benefits.

There are countless studies that attest to the effectiveness of meditation techniques, and the Internet abounds with tutorials and advice in this regard. Even if you are skeptical at first, we invite you to try to replace the TV with such meditative relaxation exercises. You don't have to go to classes, you can start at home or even in the park, if you want.

7 alternatives to watching TV in the evening

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