7 practical functions to activate in the developer options of Android

Android offers a lot of options in the settings but it is also possible to access another secret menu, this time containing hidden functions, functions reserved for developers. Not all of them deserve your attention of course, but some of them can be very useful in some cases.

This famous menu is not integrated into the platform settings. At least not natively. It is therefore necessary to follow a precise procedure to make it appear.

7 Practical Functions To Activate In The Developer Options Of Android

The Android developer menu will allow you to fine-tune your phone.

Rest assured, however, because you will not need to get your hands dirty to unlock its options. At all, even.

So, how to do ? Start by unlocking your phone and go to settings. Then go down and go to Settings then “About the device”. There, you will have to go to “Software Info” and type the version number several times.

A tooltip will appear in the lower part of the window to warn you that you have successfully unlocked these new options.

Then go back to the settings. Go down in the window and tap on the “development option” menu. Congratulations, you have unlocked these famous functions.

Active loading

It is aptly named this option. Thanks to it, you will be able to prevent your terminal screen from turning off when it is recharging. It is rather practical, especially when you have a charging station and you want to use your phone as a clock or an alarm clock.

Be careful though because if you activate this option, then your phone will also take a little longer to charge.

USB debugging

This option is simply essential, especially when you will need to connect your smartphone to your computer to debug it.

After activating it, you can indeed emulate your phone in your browser by relying on a dedicated extension or even root your terminal by following the procedure that goes well. If there is one option to be aware of, this is it.

Wi-Fi / Cell transfer. aggressive

This option can be useful in certain cases, and in particular when you move a lot around your home or office. It will allow you to access the passage of Wi-Fi to cellular data when the signal of your router is too weak.

I activated it at home because unfortunately my Wi-Fi does not cover all the rooms in my apartment. As a result, my phone automatically switches to 4G when I move too far from the router.

Animation scales

If your phone is not very powerful, then these options should interest you because they will allow you to modify the animation scales and thus take control of the platform's transition effects to deactivate them or reduce their range.

Again, this is an option to keep in hand in the event of a problem.

Enable MSAA 4x

On the contrary, if your smartphone is a real racehorse, then you can activate 4x anti-aliasing to improve the quality of the games available on the Play Store.

Be careful though because this option will make them much more greedy and it also means that your chip will work a little more. This will therefore have repercussions on the autonomy of your phone.

CPU usage

Another very practical option. Thanks to it, it is indeed possible to display information on the use of the processor in the upper right corner.

It is therefore a good way to test the computing power of your phone in the most demanding games and applications.

Limit the number of background processes

Android gives pride of place to multitasking and is therefore able to run several applications simultaneously. The problem is that some of them have the annoying tendency to run in the background.

This option is aptly named and it will allow you to limit the number of applications that can run in the background. There, of course, you will have a choice of several options.

So much for the options I use the most. So what about you, do you see others that should be on this list?

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