7 reasons to have an Amazon Prime account


7 reasons to have an Amazon Prime account

Among the streaming services available in our country is Amazon Prime subscription, from where you will have access to Prime Video and the multimedia content library, in particular movies and series, both newer and older, original or established content. Why choose such a subscription and how does it help you? How much does it cost? What facilities do you have? Find out in this article.

Since 2016, the Amazon Prime Video service has become available in our country, initially with a small library of older content, with established series, Oscar movies and blockbusters to be appreciated for a pleasant evening spent with the family. Over time, the variety of video content has grown considerably, with titles currently purchased from American and Canadian television, and more, as well as original content made by our own studios. How can an Amazon Prime Video subscription help you?

It doesn’t cost much

A month of content from Prime Video Amazon in Romania costs you 6 euros, less than the competition caused by Netflix, for example. And the first seven days are free, so you can see if you like the bookstore and if you have something to see and what to invest in and after the first days.

Unlike other services, Amazon Video supports quality content up to 4K (ultra HD) with HDR, if the device you are watching is compatible (the movie or series may have a lower quality, especially if it is older) . Some movies and series can only be viewed in full HD (1080p) quality.

7 reasons to have an Amazon Prime account

It is available on a variety of platforms

Amazon Prime Romania offers access to Prime Video not only on the desktop, but also on the tablet, mobile phone (through the application you will install), on smart TV, game consoles such as PlayStation 4, on smart media players and on Fire TV .

In general, in order to have access to TV streams, you will remove the application from the store of the used device and you will register the respective device by entering your account, receiving a code from a few digits and numbers that you will have to enter to enter the account.

You can look at multiple devices at the same time

The service allows viewing three people on three devices at the same time, which means that, for a reduced or halved price, three people can watch what content they want from the one available on a single paid account.

Recently, the function of creating individual profiles for viewers on Amazon TV was launched, so that everyone can save what type of content they want. In other words, those who have access to the same account can make their own profile with the movies and series they enjoy, receiving personalized recommendations on what titles to try. There is, however, a limit, and up to six such profiles can be made.

They can be used by adults or configured for children, both on mobile devices and on TV or PC. So, in your free time or when you want to combine the useful with the pleasant, you can take with you the tablet, not only the rod, the reel and a fishing chair or a hammock, so that you can enjoy your favorite series at any time.


You can view content at the same time as your friends

The Watch Party feature was recently added to Prime Video USA, which means that it can soon reach Amazon Prime Romania Video, being part of the updates that the competition, such as HBO Go or Netflix, do not have. With this you can watch with friends the same episode or movies with subtitles, as if you were in the same room.

There is, however, a limit to viewing, this being 100 people. And all those who want to take advantage of this option must have an active Amazon Romania Prime Video account, ie have an account paid for the current month.

For now, you can watch movies and series at the same time with friends only from the desktop browser, ie not from the phone. The person who makes the camera and invites the others can choose and control the playback of the content, that is, he can pause and scroll, the others being just spectators. There is also a chat box for calls.

Content can be downloaded and viewed even when you do not have access to the Internet

You can watch content from Amazon Prime Romania even when you do not have internet access, if you download the desired episodes on a phone, for example, so that you can enjoy multimedia content when you commute or are on a trip, for example .

In conjunction with this, you can control how data is consumed when you watch Amazon movies and series or when you download them, so as not to cost your phone and data subscription too much.

7 reasons to have an Amazon Prime account

You have varied content of movies and series

If you are wondering “what movie should I watch on Amazon Prime Video Romania?” the answer is simple, take a look at the list of titles, which do not lack popular classics such as Fast & Furious, Cast Away, Miami Vice, Cloverfield, Tropic Thunder, The Mummy, Jurassic Park or The Last of the Mohicans, Despicable Me, Birdman , Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Gone Girl, No Country For Old Men, Scarface, Hannibal, Meet Joe Black, Atonement, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Hugo, for some there is streaming with translation in several languages, but you can’t find Romanian subtitles , Unfortunately.

Among the popular series on this streaming platform, which you can see in all its glory onyour Smart TV , are The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, The Grand Tour, Transparent, The Man in the High Castle, Mozart in the Jungle, Seinfeld, The Night Shift, Justified, Two and a Half Men, Dr House, Mr Robot, American Gods, Hanna, Good Omen, Fleabag, The Looming Tower and The Expanse.

You can unsubscribe at any time

It’s easy to make an account, just follow the instructions that will appear on the site primevideo.com, having the seven days of free promotion in which to check Amazon Prime Video Romania with English subtitles, so as not to lose anything from what the characters in the series and movies you want to watch say. And if you don’t like the service, you can cancel it so that your money will not be withdrawn directly from the set account when you made your account.


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