7 tips to go further with the Apple AirPods Pro

Apple recently lifted the veil on a new pair of wireless headphones, the famous AirPods Pro . If they are not frankly given, they at least have the merit of bringing a lot of improvements, starting with the integration of an active noise reduction system.

A shocking argument, which pushed many fans around the world to get their hands on the wallet.

7 Tips To Go Further With The Apple Airpods Pro

It is of course possible that you are part of it. And if so, then you are done. Here are 7 tips to go a little further with the AirPods Pro.

1 / Know the state of charge when the AirPods are placed on a dock

When you place the AirPods Pro case on a wireless charging station, its LED will light up for a few seconds to give you an overview of the state of charge of its battery, with three possible states: red, orange or green .

But now, this famous LED goes out very quickly and it does not turn on again. No problem, just tap on the case with a sharp blow to get it out of its torpor.

2 / Know if you have chosen the right tips for the AirPods Pro

You do not know if you have chosen the right ear tips for your body type? Don't panic, Apple has planned it.

After putting the headphones in your ears, go to the settings of your iPhone, and more precisely in those of Bluetooth. iOS will then display a list of all the devices configured on your phone. Simply tap on the “i” present on the line corresponding to AirPods Pro.

iOS will then return you to the headphone setup screen. Tap on the menu titled “test ear tips fit” to start the test and determine if the chosen ear tips are suitable for your ears.

And if you have to use different sized tips, rest assured, that's okay. Our ear canals are not exactly the same.

Also note that it will take a few hours for the plastic end caps to take their final shape. If none of the tips seem to fit, choose the most comfortable ones and wait a few days for the magic to work.

3 / Activate the ANC when using a single earpiece

By default, ANC only works if both headphones are in place.

Fortunately, it is possible to force the activation of active noise reduction by going to the phone settings, and more precisely in the “accessibility” menu then “AirPods”.

There you will find an option titled “noise canceling with an AirPods”. It will simply be necessary to ensure that it is activated.

4 / Use AirPods Pro to listen remotely

Not many people know it, but iOS 13 has built-in real-time listening, a feature of course that supports AirPods Pro.

If you want to take advantage of it, you must first activate the function icon in the control center. Just go to settings and control center. Then tap on the “Personalize” button and continue by tapping on the “+” located next to the “hearing” option.

Then exit the screen, open the Control Center and tap the “Hearing” button. All you have to do is activate listening in real time and place your iPhone in the room of your choice to listen to what is happening there.

5 / Activate the ANC without music to create silence around you

Who says ANC should only be used when listening to music? Nobody, not even Apple, and it is for this reason that it is possible to activate it without starting to play a track.

Simply bring up the Control Center with a smack swipe, and squeeze in – and out – the sound gauge after putting on your AirPods Pro.

Three icons will appear below the gauge. Just tap “noise canceling” to activate ANC and enjoy the silence.

6 / Control AirPods Pro with Siri

Siri is arguably not the smartest voice assistant on the market, but it does at least have the merit of integrating well into the Apple ecosystem.

And the AirPods Pro are of course no exception to the rule. Indeed, it is perfectly possible to control their functions using the assistant. A simple “Hey Siri, activate AirPods Pro transparency mode” will suffice to activate the headphones transparency mode.

If you want, you can also increase or decrease their sound volume in the same way.

7 / Use the AirPods Pro box as a phone holder

And we end this selection with a very practical little trick. It is indeed possible to use the AirPods Pro box as a phone holder when the headphones are removed.

Be careful, however, because the installation is perilous. It will indeed be necessary to place the phone lying on the edge of the box and raise the sides of the latter to find the right angle. It will take a little time to adapt and even if you can manage it, then it will be better to avoid stumbling into the table on which your phone is placed.

So much for this selection. If you know any other tips, do not hesitate, the comments are for that.

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