7 useful tips on using graphic tablets for gaming

7 useful tips on using graphic tablets for gaming

Whether you are working on the best graphics tablets or models for beginners, it is highly recommended that you read a little about how they should be used and maintained, not only to ensure a long life, but also to be sure that your illustrations will reflect the talent you have.

Moreover, in the second part of the article we will include tips for those who want to start working professionally, with such equipment:

Carefully program your stylus

If you have a high-performance graphics tablet model, such as the one from Wacom, then you will need to program your stylus (also called a stylus, in some cases). This small essential accessory has special buttons, which can be customized or programmed, using the software application included in the tablet package.

7 useful tips on using graphic tablets for gaming

Choose what each of the buttons does, you have many options at your disposal, to work both quickly and efficiently, selecting the type of command that suits the way you draw.

Depending on the tablet model you have, you may also be able to set buttons with different functions for each application. For example, they have certain commands for Photoshop, while in another graphics application, the commands differ, and you do not have to reprogram the stylus every time you change the working software.

Do not neglect to keep the stylus in the special holder

Most graphics tablets have a special support for the stylus, either on the side of the work surface or in a special element, similar to a small glass, which also keeps the mines in it.

According to many experienced users, it is important to make a reflex of leaving it all the time in the right place. Why? It's simple: a stylus can cost up to 100 Euros, and if you lose it, all you have to do is buy a new one.

Given that an object like this is small, it will be easy to accidentally put it in the backpack, forget it on a shelf, or give it to the cat under the couch, for example. And you are left without it, therefore without the possibility to use the tablet! Therefore, make it a habit to leave it exactly where it belongs, so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

Know your mines, to choose the best one

If you have several mines (or tips) offered with the tablet, it would be advisable to try them all, at the beginning, to identify the one that best suits your style of drawing. Depending on the material, they influence the friction force, simulating the sensation of drawing with a pencil, a brush, or other drawing tools on paper.

Remember: there is no best hand, but one that will best fit your hand! Also, as with the stylus, it is advisable to keep them in place so as not to lose them. Depending on the tablet model, you may have from 2 to over 10 such accessories included in the set.

Do not spare the surface of the tablet – but do not abuse it!

If you are on the first graphics tablet you have, you may find it quite strange, at first, to move the stylus on the graphics surface. Many have the impression that they will scratch or damage it and will keep their hand in a difficult position, so as not to touch the contact parts with the skin.

This is because they believe that the pressure of the hand on the work surface will generate a signal that will appear on the virtual drawing. But the tablets are programmed to ignore the hands when the tip of the stylus is detected at about 1-2 centimeters from the surface, therefore adopt the natural position, as if you were drawing on a sheet of paper.

One more thing: be careful with spilling substances on the graphics tablet and protect it from shocks! For this reason, it is good not to leave the little ones, or pets, near your office!

Some tips for beginners working with graphics tablets for money

If you have decided to start working in the field of professional graphics tablet, it is okay to be very enthusiastic about such a decision. But you might make some mistakes at first, which would either lead to exhaustion or endanger your image in front of the client. Here are some tips for beginners who want to make money from selling illustrations:

Respect yourself to be respected!

It is not advisable to accept every offer – in fact it is a good idea to have a clear idea of the desired rates. You should also know your limits (how fast you work) and communicate them to customers. For example, if you are presented with an order, you will need to say if the deadline is ok and how much money you want on it.

It's okay to negotiate, but this is an art in itself. Negotiation must be respectful and common sense, but don't let yourself be trampled on – learn to say "No" if something doesn't suit you!

7 useful tips on using graphic tablets for gaming

Know your limits in the work done

Avoiding burnout is very important in any type of work. If you have slapped a project and you have to deliver a large number of illustrations in a short time, it is good to dose your efforts so as not to crash. And that's about self-knowledge.

You will need to know how much work you can do in a day and, at the same time, take into account any corrections requested by the client. As long as you know your limits, your work schedule will be optimal and the service will attract your professional name.

Notify the employer or client that the changes will cost, depending on the amplitude

Communication is essential in any employee-employer or customer service provider relationship. If changes are requested, tell the customer that they will cost, if they are large! If they are minors, it is advisable not to ask them for anything, as this will solidify the relationship between the two parties. And here, it will be important to provide a balance in the negotiation, in order to maintain your reputation and customer relations with which you work.

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