7 ways about how to record a call, including by phone


7 ways about how to record a call, including by phone

Although it may seem taken from a spy movie, the recording of incoming or outgoing calls can take place in more innocent than threatening conditions. Journalists often choose to record their telephone interviews so that they can return to them and obtain clear quotes, avoiding further problems. Business people, on the other hand, keep professional conversations as evidence. Here are some ways you can do this.

Recording phone calls can be tricky

The registration of telephones can also become proof in case of irregularities and problems with the customer department, verbal agreements or in other cases where it is necessary to immortalize the words. Although there are technologies that allow fast call recording, the law is not as friendly, in some countries being banned without the express consent of both participants.

To be able to listen to a conversation later, follow these tips, from using phone applications to external recorders.

Legislative aspects

According to the Penal Code, photographing, recording or capturing images or listening to and immortalizing audio content without the right can be punished with imprisonment between one month and six months, or with a fine, and broadcasting or presenting without the consent of the interlocutor those spoken to third parties incites to punishment with a fine or imprisonment between 3 and 12 months. Therefore, it is advisable to mention to the person you are talking to on the phone that you are recording it.

6 solutions to record a conversation


It is an application for Android and iOS that the user pays in the form of an annual subscription, in order to receive unlimited time for recording incoming and outgoing calls. You can listen to the conversations or keep them in the cloud, to return to them when you need and you can send them to other people by email or through social media platforms.

To record a given call, launch the application and press Record, and then dial the number or choose the number you are interested in from the list that appears and press Call to call. After the interlocutor answers you, you will also press the Go button to immortalize the conversation.

In case of receiving a call you will answer, then put the caller on hold, open the application and press Record and then Go.

The application launches a call in three directions, so it can bring you additional costs if your subscription or tariff plan does not include conference calls.

Because the application does not disclose that it is registering, it is necessary to ask the interlocutor’s permission. If you choose the free option, you will only have one minute to test the quality of the call.

Google Voice

This application that exists on Android phones or that can be installed from Google Store gives you a free phone number that you can call. All you need is a Google Voice account and the necessary settings in the application, these being made from Settings, to Incoming call options, where you will check the Enable call recording option.

It records incoming calls at no additional cost and can be tried on iOS phones. You can also use the application on the desktop, where you will check the registration of received calls. After making the right settings, you will record incoming calls by pressing the 4 key, which starts an alarm that will notify your caller that the call is immortalized. To stop this action you will press 4 again, receiving a voice announcement that the recording is over.


And on this application you can record all incoming calls, each interlocutor receiving a notification on this fact. It’s simple, after initiating the call press + for more options and click on Start recording.

After the call ends, the recording will be available for re-listening for the next 30 days. You can download it on your phone or desktop by clicking on More Options and then on Save to Downloads. Alternatively, you can share that file on another chat in Options.

Call Recorder

The Green Apple Studio application has an intuitive interface and automatically records any call. It offers you options such as recording all calls, those made or received or important ones, this being done from Settings. Check Enable or Disable to turn automatic phone recordings on or off, and you can even exclude certain numbers.

The simplest is to check the option to record any call, so when you receive or make one you will not follow other steps. After ending the conversation, enter the application and press All, where you can listen to which recording you prefer. In addition, you can distribute, delete or label any call as important. The application itself is available and free, where you can find ads, and paid, eliminating ads.

Smart call recorder

For many users looking for such an application, it is included in the charts withthe best free voice recorder, recording any call received or sent. From Settings you will start or stop the recordings and you can be notified when the call is saved, for example. This will make it easier for you to keep track of them.

When receiving a phone, the application is activated automatically, then you can find the registration in the Outgoing or Incoming sections. You can listen to, delete or share that file.

7 ways about how to record a call, including by phone

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